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idm serial key | idm patch |idm crack download

Fix Idm problem for a lifetime. In this tutorial, I am sharing with you a complete procedure that how to crack your idm even if you don’t have an idm serial key. Introduction For those who don’t know about idm. idm is a software that helps you to download files like video and audios from… Read More »

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learn web development from Scratch

This is a complete web developer course. In this learn web development course you can learn a lot for free. You can also get a certificate with this course This Course Contain: 46 lectures. Life time access. Certificate of Completion. See Also:Learn HTML and CSS Detail about this course. This web programming course is intended… Read More »

constant variables in PHP | Learn PHP

Other variables value can be changed but constant variables maintain its constant value. Constant variables in PHP value cannot be changed. For declaring constants ‘const’ Keyword is used for it. Note: During declaring a constant variable you should not use dollar sign with it. Accessing constant variables in PHP: For accessing constant in php you… Read More »

Linux commands | Linux tutorials

Following are the useful Linux commands. If you use these Linux commands that will help you a lot if you plan to learn Linux. uname It will show your operating system name. See Also: Finding Files in Linux | Linux tutorials uname -r This Linux command will show you the name and version of the… Read More »

ethical hacking course free for beginners

this is an ethical hacking course free for beginners. This is a free ethical hacking course for beginners in which you can learn from scratch. In these free ethical hacking tutrial, you can learn a lot from the beginning and start your career as an ethical hacker. What you will learn in this course? Ethical… Read More »

How to download Udemy courses with subtitles

You can download Udemy courses in a folder wise sequence and also with subtitles. Most people are searching for how to download Udemy courses, on Google or on YouTube. This is the method through which you can easily download all your enrolled courses very easily. You can download Udemy videos also through IDM but through… Read More »

Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced

Learn Ethical Hacking from scratch and go from beginner to advanced in Hacking. In this course you will learn: Basics Of Hacking Anonymity WiFi Hacking Scanning Sniffing Session Hijacking DOS and DDOS Attack Buffer Overflow What you’ll learn Basics Of Hacking Anonymity WiFi Hacking Scanning Sniffing Session Hijacking DOS and DDOS Attack Buffer Overflow Requirements… Read More »

Login Form with html and CSS

In this toturial I have provided you a source code that how to create a login form with html and css. By watching this code you can learn by yourself. Just try this code and learn. If you found some difficulty in learning by yourself then you can comment below I will help you or… Read More »

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Free Download Full Version

Download the adobe photoshop free full version. Introduction: Adobe Photoshop is a software which is created by Adobe which is a quite useful software for editing images like changing picture backgrounds, creating useful images, etc. Adobe Photoshop is used by graphic designers for various graphic related work. download adobe photoshop cc 2018 64 bit: Click… Read More »

Digiskills Digital Literacy assignments (Solved)

Following are the digital literacy solved assignments of Digiskills. These solved Digiskills Digital Literacy assignments are fully solved. You can easily download from the given link below. But make sure these are provided for your learning purpose only. Do not upload these assignments. Make sure you should prepare your assignments by yourself. These assignments are… Read More »

Graphic Designing solved exercises

Graphic Designing: Download graphic design exercises from the link given below: Assignment #1: Now Assignment # 2: Then Assignment # 3: Last Assignment # 4

Digital Marketing Solved Assignments

Following are the links to download digital marketing solved assignments Assignment # 1: Now Assignment # 2: Then Assignment # 3: Last Assignment # 4:

Download Digiskills SEO solved assignments

These are solved assignments which you can use to learn how to make assignments. I have given download links below. Click on each link below to download all your SEO assignments. If you have any question you can ask me through my facebook page. or you can comment below I will reply you Download Assignment… Read More »

Download Digiskills freelancing assignments

Download Freelancing assignments for free. I have provides the download buttons below through which you can download free assignments of freelancing. click on each link to download your assignments. If you have problem that how to download then click here and watch the procedure. Click here if you have problem in downloading link of Assignment… Read More »

solved assignment free download Digiskills

I am providing you the free assignments of Digiskills. Following are the links to download freelancing solved assignment exercises the Digiskills solved assignment. click on the links to download all exercises. If you found any difficulty in downloading assignments you can contact me through my facebook page. download links are given below click on each… Read More »

download Camtasia 6.0.3 for free full version

Download the free and full version of Camtasia for free with out paying of a single penny. Camtasia is a famous software for recording and editing videos easily. Camtasia have many versions. I am providing a full version for free you can download it for free and use this software for lifetime. Here is a… Read More »

how to become an ethical hacker |how to be a hacker

To become an ethical hacker you must have a deep interest in hacking. Interest is necessary for hacking. Because hacking is not a kids game. In hacking you must have patience, time, hard work and you should never give up then you can learn hacking. Following are the list of tools and techniques that you… Read More »

learn Python for free | python for everyone

Requirements Passion to learn alone is enough to start this course A Laptop/Computer- Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported. Setup and installation instructions are included in the video course learn Python for free. Through this course (learn Python for free) course all the videos are downloadable. You can study in offline mode also. Recommended… Read More »