2 dimensional arrays in python

2 dimensional arrays in python. Learn to create 2 dimensional arrays in python with example 2D Numpy Arrays numpy.ndarray numpy means that it is a type that is defined in the numpy package. nd stands for n dimensional array You can create 1,2,3 and even upto 7 dimensional array but we are discussing here only… Read More »

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wordpress tutorials for beginners in hindi

These are wordpress tutorials for beginners in hindi series through which you can learn to create a website for yourself from scratch. Word Press Tutorials for beginners Video 1 WordPress tutorials for beginners video 2: In this video you will learn to set up your localhost for your word press website. Word Press Installation: In… Read More »

tuple in python | learn Python

tuple in python it is a type in Python.Tuple means ordered collection. example = (‘one’,’two’,’three’); print(example) the output will be one, two, three print(example[1]) output be will example[0] = 1 error tuple cannot be changed and the list can be changed. difference between tuple and lists in python: In list’s element can be changed but… Read More »

CISCO CCNA Networking Labs

In this tutorial, We will talk about different lab configurations like RIP, OSPF, Access-list, static routing, and VLAN. Configuration of RIP: Steps: Click on the router and go to CLI. Type the following commands. enable To go to privilege mode config t Command to go to the configuration mode router rip the network network address… Read More »

Java IDE in C# with source code

How to create a Java IDE in C#? You can easily create a Java Ide in C#. These things are required in order to create a Java IDe in C#. Visual Studio Java JDK Steps: First, you have to download and install visual studio. Then download Java JDK in your computer and place it any… Read More »

Huawei HCIA Real Exam Questions

Huawei is offering many certifications like Huawei HCIA, HCIP, and HCIE. Huawei Certifications What is HCIA? HCIA stands for Huawei Certified ICT Associate. It is a Huawei Certification. There are many certifications in Huawei. The three main steps in certifications in Huawei. HCIA, HCIP, HCIE. HCIA: HCIA is the beginner certification in Huawei. HCIA stands… Read More »

lists in python | Python Lists

lists in Python contain any type but a list is also a Python type. and a list can also contain a list. A list contains any Python type means you can store any type of data in it e.g strings booleans and floats etc. Lists are used for storing values of different datatypes rather than… Read More »

data types in Python | Python Data types

There are several data types in Python like int, float, string, Boolean which are common to other programming languages like C, C++, and Java. There are other data types in Python which another programming language does not have like lists, dictionaries, etc. Variables in Python other programming languages like C++, Java, etc variables are declared… Read More »

facebook account disabled | How to recover it

facebook account disabled means you are blocked from accessing your account and you cannot log in to your Facebook account. If someone facebook account is blocked or disabled then he/she cannot access his/her account. Why facebook account is blocked/disabled? There are several reasons why your Facebook account is disabled or blocked. If you are posting… Read More »

how to write a proposal

If you are searching over the internet about how to write a proposal. Confused about how to send the best proposal to your client in order to get a project then you are in the right place. I have collected many proposals from the fiver platform this will help you to understand how to write… Read More »

Ethical Hacking | Complete Hacking Tools in Kali Linux

Ethical hacking course on Complete Hacking Tools in Kali Linux. What you will learn in this course Perform basic to advanced tasks in Kali Linux Configure services and turn your Kali Linux into a server Complete ethical hacking tasks from Kali Linux Network Hacking and Security Wifi hacking and Security DOS and DDOs attacks Understand… Read More »

4k video downloader full version

4k video Downloader is a pc software that let’s you download Youtube playlist in a single click. This is the 4k Downloader full version which help you to ignore all the serial key problems. Benefits of 4k Downloader full version: This is a free and full version of 4k downloader. You will never face serial… Read More »

best web hosting in Pakistan |top web hosting in Pakistan

There are many companies that provide web hosting and domain facilities. But some of them are one of the best web hosting providers in Pakistan. In order to provide information about the best web hosting services in Pakistan. There some questions that I want to clear. What is Web hosting? Web hosting is basically a… Read More »

learn web development from scratch

A completely free learn web development course on Eduonix from which you can learn free web development from scratch. About this Course This web programming course is intended to be the one-stop solution for web development training. We bring together a bunch of most popular web technologies and present them in a way that ensures… Read More »

PHP basics

PHP Introduction: PHP Stands for “Hyper-Text Pre-Processor”. PHP was created by Rusmus Lerdorf in 1994. PHP is a server-side scripting language. php is used to create web applications. PHP is used to create dynamic websites Print functions in PHP There are two functions in PHP which you can use to print. echo print echo is… Read More »

How to create a calculator in PHP

I have pasted code below that how to create tutorial in php. Soon I will post video tutorial on my YouTube channel or on my site. First of all to learn and create calculator by yourself first copy below code and save as index.php. Istall XAMP Go to htdocs folder and paste your file index.php… Read More »

hacking course fundamentals

What you will learn in this course? At the end of this course students will be able to understand the basic knowledge of hacking. Description This course is the fundamental course on Ethical Hacking which delivers knowledge of real-time attack vectors and defensive methods. This course has been designed by a group of globally recognized… Read More »

java programming | Learn OOP

What you will learn in this java programming course? You will learn about various object oriented programming concepts using Java. how to use object oriented principles in real world Learn and understand what are classes, objects, constructors and how to use them Know about what is inheritance and its types What is overloading and what… Read More »

android app development in 27 Minutes

In this course you will learn android app development in very easy way. What will you learn in this android app development course; In this course you will learn android app development very quickly. Understand the separation that Android has between Java code and GUI (layouts) How to save shared preferences in an Android app… Read More »