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Login Form with html and CSS

In this toturial I have provided you a source code that how to create a login form with html and css. By watching this code you can learn by yourself. Just try this code and learn. If you found some difficulty in learning by yourself then you can comment below I will help you or… Read More »

html form | create form and menu in HTML

how to create contact form in html and also know how to create menu in html. Write the following code into your notepad and save it with name.html then double click it you will see:

HTML tags

HTML tags HTML Tags: There are two types of tags in HTML. 1.Singular Tag: This tag requires no closing tag. Example: <br> <hr> <p> 2.Paired Tag: The tag which require closing tag is called paired tag. Example: <b> </b> <i> </i> <u></u>  

Introduction to webpage Designing (HTML)

Introduction to webpage Designing (HTML) In this tutorial, I will introduce you to HTML. What is Web Phage? A webpage is a page which can be visited through the internet. Many web pages linked together to make a website. A company, organization, college and university etc make a website so anyone can get information easily. Examples:… Read More »