ethical hacking

ethical hacking
ethical hacking

In today’s era hearing, a word about hacking is most common. First, you will be thinking about what is hacking? what is ethical hacking?.

We will start about what hacking actually is?

hacking is actually a term that means that to gain unauthorized access to data, system or other information.

In other words, hacking can be defined as gaining unauthorized access to someone system, website or other data.

hacking can be ethically and can be not.

Ethical hacking:

E hacking means that to gain access to someone computer, website or other data but first you have to take permission from the owner of that system, website, etc.

It means doing hacking in an ethical way or is in a positive sense. Which does not contain any harm to the owner system or site?

Types of hackers:

Following are the types of hackers

1.White hat hacker

White hat hackers are the good one.White hat hackers are those hackers which hack after proper permission.

2.Black hat hackers

Black hat hackers are the bad guy’s they hack for financial gain or they hack for doing damage.

3.Grey hat hackers

These are those hackers that may be white or black. These people do both white hat and black hat jobs.

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