Impressive Resume Development

By | February 5, 2023

Most people are doing mistakes while writing resumes, In this Impressive Resume Development Guide we will be guiding you, on how to write an eye-catching resume.

Impressive Resume Development Guide


A resume is a french word that means summary it is a document that sums up your skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

Difference between CV and Resume:

A resume is short and straight to the point, there is a length limit to the resume. while CV is in detail format and there is no length limit. A resume is created when someone has no experience while a CV is created when someone has experience.

Resume Contents:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number along with country code
  • Address
  • Summary
  • Objectives
  • Education
  • Projects
  • Experience
  • Honors and Awards
  • Hobbies and Interest
  • Relevant/Other skills
  • Professional Qualification
  • Languages
  • References


Write your official name which is present in your passport or your national identity card (government-provided identity card).

Email Address:

Mention proper authentic relevant email addresses. You should not mention email addresses like
For example, if your name is John Dove then you should write your email like or

Contact Number:

There should be a number with a proper country code.


In the address, you should mention your current address or if you are applying for a job that is out of the city or out of the country then you can mention “flexible to relocate” or willing to relocate.


Keep Summary Simple, First Line of the summary introduces you that who are you, which degree you did
In the second line, you can mention your soft skills like public speaking, good communication skills, good presentation skills, and people managing skills like effectively managing people. In the last section of the summary, you should mention the purpose of applying for the job.


Do not use Abbreviations (short words) like BS for Bachelor, use a complete word like Bachelor.
Use the Highest qualification on top.
Do mention the complete university name along with the duration like

For Example:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Stanford University England


Do mention your projects


Do mention any volunteer work that you have done, Community services or part-time job that you have done or doing

Honors and Awards:

List all the awards that you have achieved during your academics or anywhere

Hobbies and Interests:

Do write about relevant hobbies and interests if you are applying for an article writing job then you can write reading articles as your hobby.

Relevant/Other Skills:

Relevant/Other skills are those skills that are non-technical skills and are relevant to a particular job position that you are applying for, these skills include

  • Presentation skills
  • communication skills

Professional Qualification:

Write any professional qualifications in this section whether you have completed any professional qualification, you can mention here in this section


You should mention languages that you can speak/write along with proficiency level like

Arabic (Beginner)


In this section, you should mention your references

There are 3 types of references

  • Academic References
  • Social Refrences
  • Professional References

Academic References:

This can be your university teacher

Social References:

Any volunteer service that you have provided can be your reference.

Professional Reference:

Your professional reference is your employer or your job supervisor

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