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how to write a proposal

If you are searching over the internet about how to write a proposal. Confused about how to send the best proposal to your client in order to get a project then you are in the right place. I have collected many proposals from the fiver platform this will help you to understand how to write… Read More »

freelancer does these most common mistakes

Avoid All freelancing carrer mistakes that freelancer do: In this toturial I will tell you about those mistakes which many freelancer ignore it if you want to enhance your freelancing career. 1.Do not Sit Random Prices: One of the biggest mistake that a freelancer do is sitting the random prices. For example If your a… Read More »

How to learn new skills for freelancing?

How to learn new skills for freelancing? is a common question that is asked every day due to the high demand for skills in freelancing. How to learn new skills for freelancing? In a freelance marketplace, without learning skills, you will not get any success. For getting success in the freelance marketplace you must learn… Read More »

[ Freelancing skills ] Identify Your Skills

In this article, we are focusing and trying to learn about those Freelancing skills which are required for the freelance market place and as well as how to identify those skills which you have already learned. Identify Your Skills in Freelancing If you have set your goals and attain self-discipline. After that, it is necessary… Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing Everything in the world has some advantages and disadvantages(advantages of freelancing). First We are going to discuss the advantages of Freelancing: Advantages of Freelancing: This is certain that as a freelancer are free from both time and space. Mean when you are free then you can workwhen you want to… Read More »

Types of a Freelance marketplace

Types of a Freelance marketplace Now we dive deep into the types of a Freelance marketplace. Upwork: To understand Types of a Freelance marketplace first we are starting with the biggest platform It is a convincing freelancer to find his job and convincing employer to post his project. There is different skillset in Upwork website.… Read More »

Five key factors for success

Five key factors for success 1.Your Attitude: If your attitude is not on a level that your dedication, honesty, and hard work and you cannot focus on your work then you cannot get prosperity in your work. And you will not get your desired result. Attitude sets the tone of your work. If you don’t… Read More »