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There are several ways that you can use to solve your IDM integration problem when IDM not working in chrome. By applying these techniques you will be able to fix your IDM integration problem. If you have installed your IDM and download option is not showing when you open any video on YouTube or any… Read More »

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There are three ways through which you can create a Subscribe popup window for your WordPress Website. Through these sites, you can create a popup Window for your WordPress. Choose any site. In this tutorial I a selecting mailchimp to create a subscribe popup window for my wordpress site. If you want… Read More »

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Facebook really is Spying on You! | Becareful

Facebook really is Spying on You. Nowadays Facebook has started collecting your offsite activities. peopleare completely unaware of the Facebook recent act. Facebook is collecting your data from many sources. Many sites are collecting your cookies in order to target you with your interest-based ads but besides this Facebook has started collecting your data from… Read More »

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