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Web Application Penetration Testing

In this article, I will be guiding you to web application penetration testing. By reading this article you will understand what web application penetration testing is, What are the different types of vulnerabilities in web applications? and how to start your web application testing journey. Web Application Penetration Testing: Web Application Penetration Testing consists of… Read More »

Impressive Resume Development

Most people are doing mistakes while writing resumes, In this Impressive Resume Development Guide we will be guiding you, on how to write an eye-catching resume. Resume: A resume is a french word that means summary it is a document that sums up your skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Difference between CV and Resume: A resume… Read More »

MOITT Advanced Cybersecurity lecture 1

Difference Between Information security and Cybersecurity? Information security: securing information whether it is stored or in transit. To protect information whether it is electronic or non-electronic is called information security. Information Security Includes: Cryptography:Converting Plain text into cypher text. Physical security:Physical security is also called infrastructure security. This means what measures are taken in order… Read More »

nmap scanning | Learn Nmap

In this blog, I will teach you different types of Nmap scanning techniques and how to use each Nmap scanning technique one by one with examples. This is a detailed article on Nmap scanning and how to defend it. Nmap ping scan: Nmap ping scan is used to check whether the target host is up… Read More »

Learn cybersecurity for free | How?

Many people are asking about free cybersecurity courses and certifications, for that purpose I am writing this blog, especially for those people who are searching for free cybersecurity courses and resources to get these courses for free. In this article, I will be revealing all the methods through which you can learn cybersecurity for free… Read More »

SQL Statements | SQL Queries

Following is the complete list of SQL Statements. There is a list of SQL Queries with examples like create a statement, update statement, delete statement, etc. Create Statement in SQL: Create statement is used to create a table, index, or View Statement to Create Table: Alter Statement: Alter statement in SQL is used to change,… Read More »

Functions in SQL

Functions in SQL: There are different functions in SQL which have different uses. Inticap() function in SQL Upper() Function in SQL Lower() Function in SQL Concat() Function in SQL Substr() Function in SQL instr() function in SQL length function in SQL Round() function in SQL Trunc() Function in SQL mod() function in SQL rpad() function… Read More »

Digital Forensics | Learn Digital Forensics

What is Digital Forensics? Digital Forensics also called network forensics and has many definitions. In general, it is considered the application of science to the identification, collection, examination, and analysis of data while information integrity is preserved and a strict chain of custody is maintained for the data. Types of Data: While in the first… Read More »

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing also called pentest is a real attack against your network, app, or other resources with proper permission in order to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited. In other words, it is a security testing of systems to find loopholes and exploit them in a safe way with a proper permission of an organization… Read More »

Thwarting Cyber Criminals

Following are the measures for Thwarting Cyber Criminals. Thwarting means to prevent cyber criminals how ever thwarting a cyber criminals is a difficult task but it can be reduced through some measures that are taken by some companies, governments and international organizations. These measures include: Vulnerability Databases: Created a comprehensive database of known vulnerabilities and… Read More »

CEH Lecture 1

OSCP offensive Security Certified Professional cyberwing.pk sir website CEH 80% mind makup canable, ettercap, wireshark a tool used for picket sniffing prerequisites: Basic NetworkingBasic Windows Concept like cmd/active directory domain services(ads)cloudScriptinglinux__________________Kali Linux____________________________________ Linux InstallationBasic CommandsToolsBasic User/permissionNetworkSoftwareServices and PortsBasic Server=> DNS/DHCP Web Server Linux: Win=>NTFS Linux => root ext2/3/4/ xfs zfs btrf SWAP = For Ram… Read More »

Free Amazon Courses by eCommerce success Pakistan

Free Amazon Courses is offered by Ecommerce success Pakistan, Thank you for this offer, We love free content/ courses. I hope most of you will take advantage of this offer. Ecommerce Success Pakistan is offering $999 courses for free. There are free amazon courses once you avail this opportunity, you will get lots of knowledge… Read More »

Python Free Courses online

There are bunch of Python Free Courses avaialable on the internet most of them are paid while you can also get free courses from famous sites like Coursera, Udacity, YouTube etc. If you are searching Free Python Courses then you are at the right place, Here you can find a list of free courses through… Read More »

aws solution architect associate

aws solution architect associate dumps are the latest dumps and are free, these types of questions are always part of exams. Study these aws solution architect associate and prepare yourself for the final exam of Amazon aws solution architect associate. If you are planning to take your aws solution architect associate then you must study… Read More »

CS222 – Database Management Systems

CS222 – Database Management Systems paper solution step by step. Question 4: Write queries for the following: a) Create a table for an entity type you mentioned in Question – 3 above. There must be at leastfour attributes in the table. The first Attribute should be PK. The second attribute should be NN.The third attribute… Read More »

CS372–Information Security paper solution

Question 1: How can we secure operations of” Institute of Computing”, KUST through applying varioussecurity layers. Answer: We can secure operations of the Institute of Computing “KUST” by applying the followingsecurity layers. Physical Security: Physical Security is necessary everywhere in the world even in the Institute of Computing “KUST”.By applying Physical Security we can minimize… Read More »

Udemy Coupons 21 April

Below Udemy Coupons of 21 April are shared. These Udemy Coupons contain CCNA Free practice exam test, Threat hunting using Wireshark, Learn Microsoft Power Automate, Learn Microsoft Planner Course, Introduction to data science with R Programming, Microsoft Publisher course, and adobe courses. How to Enroll in these Courses: To enroll in these courses first you… Read More »

Coursera Free paid Courses with Certificate

Coursera is offering free courses on the occasion of Coursera’s birthday. Coursera is now offering paid courses free for a limited time. With Coursera Free paid courses you can choose 1 course out of 9 courses which are machine learning, Building modern python web applications etc. In these courses you can select one course that… Read More »

Pentesting tools download links

Here is the list of Web pentesting tools that help you a lot in your Web pentesting career. Following are the links of pen-testing tools to GitHub All these mentioned tools links are available on Github. JOOMLA SCAN: Following is the link to Joomla Scan pretesting tool which is available on GitHub. –= https://github.com/drego85/JoomlaScan [TOOLS]… Read More »