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Linux commands | Linux tutorials

Following are the useful Linux commands. If you use these Linux commands that will help you a lot if you plan to learn Linux. uname It will show your operating system name. See Also: Finding Files in Linux | Linux tutorials uname -r This Linux command will show you the name and version of the… Read More »

Finding files in Linux System

Finding files in Linux System Finding files in Linux System: How can you find files whose location you have forgotten? That is, you know it exists but don’t know in which directory it is located.You could always visit each directory on the system in turn and use the ls command in each. This would be… Read More »

Wildcards in Linux

Wildcards in Linux Wild Cards in Linux: When entering Linux commands or running programs you sometimes want to specify arange of filenames, that the commands should act upon. An example would be “Listall the files whose name begins with b”. This is done by using “wildcard” charactersin the filenames specified to the command.Each wildcard character… Read More »

Login in Linux | How to Log in to Linux

Login in Linux: Login in Linux: When you start Linux you will see a login prompt. If you have not added any other users the only user on the system will be the root which is called superuser. To login in into Linux just type: root and Enter your password at password prompt: If you… Read More »

Directories and File System in Linux

Directories and File System in Linux Directories and File System in Linux: In common with other Unix systems and many other operating systems,Linux disks are organised into a logical tree structure formed ofdirectories. A directory held within a direcotry is sometimes knownas subdirectory. The base of the tree is known, not unreasonable, asthe root This… Read More »

Disks and partitions in Linux

Disks and partition in Linux:   Disks and partitions in Linux: A partition is like a logical disk, like C: or D: in windows. Normally your will have more drive letters than actual physical hard disks in your system. This is because hard disk is partitioned into setctions. In linux the first hard disk is… Read More »

Beginner Linux Tutorial | What is Linux?

Linux Tutorial Linux is an operating system for computers. just like MS-DOS, Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Linux belongs to the Unix family of operating systems. (Linux tutorial) What is Linux used for It is a powerful type of operating system not found on home computers before Linux came along  Linux, however, can be used… Read More »