Assalamu Alaikum Hello and welcome to free courses. This website is basically created to promote free education for all those students who are not capable to purchase paid courses.

So I designed this website to help people regarding their educational problems. I want to help others to learn great things. Because I feel happy to solve someone’s problem.

If you having a problem regarding IT related you can comment below I am happy to solve your problem if I can. Great people are those who work for other’s benefit.

Everyone in this world works for himself but no one wishes to work for other’s benefit. So I encourage people who have diverse knowledge about anything kindly share with others who are not capable to go to school and want to learn from home by using the internet.

So We are here to provide free paid courses software and other tips and tricks. So Keep visiting my Website. This website is regularly updating.

Benefits of This Free courses  Website:

1.Free Softwares:

From this website, you can download all paid and full software freely without any delay. You can find the software here for Windows, Linux, and Android. You can also find relating OS here.

2.Free courses:

This website contains free Udemy, Udacity, and Lynda and also contain hacking courses you can easily download.so click here to go to the courses tab.

3.Tips and Tricks:

You can learn useful tricks here so keep visiting this site in order to learn more and be happy.

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If you are downloading any course or software I have applied a short link on every course or software you need to skip that
short link ad and then proceed to download.

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How to Get Paid Udemy Courses

ِِِِ ‏اسلام عیلیکم اس ویب سایٹ میں آنے کا شکریہ آپ یھاں فری کورسز اور بہت کچھ حاصل کر سکتے ہے