Thwarting Cyber Criminals

By | April 17, 2022

Following are the measures for Thwarting Cyber Criminals. Thwarting means to prevent cyber criminals how ever thwarting a cyber criminals is a difficult task but it can be reduced through some measures that are taken by some companies, governments and international organizations.

These measures include:

Vulnerability Databases:

Created a comprehensive database of known vulnerabilities and attack signatures. These databases are shared worldwide in order to minimize the attack and also helps to prepare for the attack.

For Example:


CVE stands for Common Vulnerability Exposure is a national database was developed to provide a publicly available all known vulnerabilities. Every vulnerability have a unique number assigned to it through which each vulnerability is uniquely identified in a CVE database.

Early Warning Systems:

Creating early warning systems and alert networks. It is impossible to monitor each and every network for this purpose organizations monitors only high valued target because high valued targets are most experienced to attacks.

For Example:


It is an example of creating early warning system . Honeypot is a non profit project that investigate the latest attacks and also develop open source tools.

Share Cyber Intelligence:

Countries, govt organizations and different agencies are sharing cyber intelligence information with each other and are collaborating with each other in order to prevent such type of attack to happen in other places.

For Example:


It is an example of sharing of different cyber intelligence information. It is a partnership between FBI and private sector.

ISM Standards:

Also known as Information Security Standards. These are the standards among national and international organizations.

For Example:

ISO/IES 27000:

This is an example of ISM Standards and is providing a platform for cyber security measures implementation.

Cyber Security Laws:

creating and implementing differnt cyber security laws that will discourage differnt cyber security criminals and avoid data breaches.

Different laws like Cybersecurity Act, Data Accountability and Trust Act etc.

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