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Facebook really is Spying on You! | Becareful

Facebook really is Spying on You. Nowadays Facebook has started collecting your offsite activities. peopleare completely unaware of the Facebook recent act. Facebook is collecting your data from many sources. Many sites are collecting your cookies in order to target you with your interest-based ads but besides this Facebook has started collecting your data from… Read More »

free seo courses by Moz academy

SEO free courses by Moz academy. Due to pandemic covid-19, Moz academy is offering a paid SEO courses for free. It is a great opportunity for you to get these courses for free and save your money. What is Moz Academy? It is an online academy which is providing SEO courses. All courses at Moz… Read More »

Code Academy pro account | Free Courses

In order to know about how to get the Code Academy pro account first let me introduce you to Code Academy. Code Academy is an online academy that is providing courses and practical knowledge to its students. Code Academy Free Courses: To get Code Academy courses you have to pay $19.99 a month. If you… Read More »

Google Adsense pin verification problems

Some people are facing Google Adsense pin verification issues like some are complaining about pin is not received. In this article, we will talk about how to verify google Adsense account Verification without pin Code. Google Adsense: Google Adsense is an advertisement program administrated and run by Google. Through this platform, people can monetize their… Read More »

facebook account disabled | How to recover it

facebook account disabled means you are blocked from accessing your account and you cannot log in to your Facebook account. If someone facebook account is blocked or disabled then he/she cannot access his/her account. Why facebook account is blocked/disabled? There are several reasons why your Facebook account is disabled or blocked. If you are posting… Read More »

High contrast | how to enable high contrast

High Contrast: High contrast is an extra feature through this feature you can colorize your computer with different colors according to your choice. Why we use this? If you are feeling bored with white color or you are using your laptop or computer at night time or if there is an absence of light. Or… Read More »

repair corrupt images,files with free software?

How to repair corrupt images,files? In this toturial I am showing the complete detail that how to repair corrupt images,files etc. If you facing this problem that no preview available when opening your photos.This means that your pictures are damaged(corrupted). you have downloaded pictures from the internet that shows error during opening that picture. Why… Read More »

ssl certificate installed but not working

ssl certificate installed but not working In this tutorial I am going to teach you complete solution for ssl certificate installed but not working So If you are facing these problems so you are at the right place to solve your problem. First, let me know that You have installed valid SSL Certificate and your… Read More »

How to record your slides with Camtasia studio

How to record your slides with Camtasia studio In this tutorial, I will guide you through complete step by step process that how to record your PowerPoint Slides with Camtasia Studio. As you have watched many videos on YouTube that many YouTubers record there slides directly with Camtasia studio during creating a video for YouTube or Udemy… Read More »

How to enable Hibernate option in windows 10

How to enable Hibernate option in windows 10 Hi, guys in this tutorial I am going to teach you how to enable or disable hibernate option in windows 10. Before enabling or disabling hibernate option in windows 10 first let’s know what hibernate option actually is: What is Hibernate Option in Windows 10? Hibernate option is… Read More »

Download W3 School Full Offline Website

Download W3 School Full Offline Website w3 School Website Introduction: It is a website in which you can learn Html, CSS, and JavaScript easily. It is a famous website. each and every material is discussed step by step. You can also practice here You can learn here HTML, CSS, BootStrap, Ajax, jQuery, Python, XML, Node.js Raspberry… Read More »

How to Root any J5 Series

How to Root any J5 Series Following are the steps you can root your mobile. 1st step: Download USB Drivers for your pc to avoid connectivity of your pc with your mobile. 1. Download CF Auto Root file   2.Goto Setting and then Goto About device 3.check for build number option and tap it 7 to… Read More »