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By | February 12, 2019

In this article, I am sharing you a trick that how to insert a custom google background image in your google chrome home page.

When you open Google Chrome you will see only white screen which is quite boring for some people they want to customize it.

This toturial is showing you step by step complete trick that through this trick you will be able to apply custom google background.

You can insert default images or you can also insert your custom images.

custom google background
custom google background

Steps to customize google background:

Following are the steps to customize your google background in google chrome background.

  1. In your Google chrome on the right bottom of your screen, you will see an icon.
  2. Click on customize this screen option.
  3. When you click on that option you will see the other three options.
  4. One is Chrome backgrounds
  5. The second one is, upload an image
  6. The third one is to Restore the default background.

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chrome backgrounds:

  1. Click on the first one if you want to set chrome backgrounds.
  2. Choose your background and click on done.
  3. your chrome background image will be changed.

Upload an image:

If you want to upload your custom image then you can click on this option to select and upload your picture from your PC and then click ok.

So your custom image will be uploaded to Google Chrome home menu.

Restore the default background:

If you want to remove image or background which you have recently applied then just click on third option “Resote the default backgroud”.

So your background image will be removed.

If you have still a problem you can watch a video below to learn how to insert custom google background.

Hope you like this tutorial share also with your friends.

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