android hacking apps | Six Dangerous apps

By | February 10, 2019

android hacking apps
android hacking apps

Following are the android hacking apps which are illegal to use. By using these apps you can go to Jail. These apps are very sensitive to use. I have explained only six apps but this article may be updated after some time.

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android hacking apps

These android hacking apps which are not available in play store. Now I am explaining these apps one by one.

1.Andro Rat

With the help of this app, you can create Remote Access Trojan.
By installing that trojan you can Fully control that device. I mean to say that you can control all the messages of your target like WhatsApp etc
. You should not use this app lots of hacker use this app. But this app may be dangerous.

2.Evil Operator

Through the evil operator app, you can call two numbers. You can do a conversion. You will see two options ” send from a custom phone” and “send from send from phone 1”.

When you meet two people on a call you can listen their talking(conversation).

They do not know that you called them.

3.Blackmart Alpha

Through this app, you can get all the useful apps which are not available on play store or you are looking for paid apps for free
then through this app, you can get all those apps for free.

4.Call Free Call to phone

Through this app, you can call someone with an unknown number. I mean to say that your number will be totally different shown when you call
to someone. He will not know about your number. I mean to say by this that private number is shown to the calling person or some other country number is shown to that number. You can use this app to prank someone.


Through this app, you can download all paid things from the internet but you can be traced while using Utorrent.

6.Paytm Spoof App

Through this app, you can get a fake Paytm wallet. Through fake Paytm you can show the fake transaction. The basic purpose of this app was to use for fun or to prank your friends. But some persons use this app for illegal purposes.

These are the apps which are dangerous to use.


All information shown in this tutorial is just for educational purpose. Please do not use these apps in an illegal way.

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