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By | January 30, 2019

hey, guys, I am here from self-made In this article, I’m going to show you(google ads make money). how to make money from Google Adsense as easily in 2019.

google ads make money
google ads make money

I’m just going to show you a simple strategy that I’ve actually been using and doing very well with to make money from Adsense without overcomplicating things like a lot of people do.(google ads make money)

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You don’t need to have 40 different niche sites you don’t need to have all these expenses. You don’t need to have all this expensive software all you need to do is have a couple of things and you can keep your cost down and make thousands of dollars per month on Google Adsense.

Start your YouTube channel:

So I’ve proven this works I am showing you exactly(google ads make money) how I do it the first thing you need to do of course is start a YouTube channel. Because YouTube is the second largest website in the entire world in terms of traffic so whoever you’re targeting whoever you’re trying to go after as far as selling a product getting traffic getting people to watch ads is going to be on YouTube.

YouTube is growing they weren’t always the number two website that actually passed Facebook a few months ago as of me writing this article.

So YouTube is really taking over and video traffic, in general, is taking over. So people are watching more videos on their phones on their computers and that is how people are consuming more and more of their information as opposed to reading blog posts and articles.


You need to be on YouTube and all you have to do to start your YouTube channel is make sure you have a Google Gmail account which is free to start. just go to Gmail and Google and then create a Gmail email a lot of people already have one. So if you have one all you need to do is go to YouTube sign in and uh you know to create the name of your channel and everything and then upload a video.

How to make a video for your YouTube Channel:

Make a video with your phone make a video you using a screen share you’ll notice I use a lot of screen shares the reason I do this is because I feel like it’s easier for you to learn what I’m teaching. I am actually teaching you so if you want to know what screen share tool I use? it’s called easy Video Suite and it’s been a great investment it’s not the cheapest one in the world but you could use say Screencast-o-Matic which is free you could use.

Camtasia Studio which I think might be a little more money than this one but easy Video Suite is what I use it’s one I love I’ve made three hundred plus videos with easy Video Suite and it works very well and it also allows you to do videos off of YouTube offline.

If you want and add marketing tools to those videos but that’s what I use if you don’t want to just record yourself talking to a camera like a lot of people do. But just upload your first videos and you need to figure out obviously..

Figure out about your Channel:

what your channel is going to be about. If you want to figure out what channels are the best figure out. What you’re good at figure out what you’re passionate about talking about. Figure out something that you can do long term not just you know have a few video ideas and then run out of ideas.

if you want to do a review channel. If you want to do a comedy channel,if you think you’re funny ,if you want to do movie reviews, if you want to do animation ,if you want to do makeup tutorials, if you want to do whatever it is there’s countless YouTube channels just go around see what your favorite YouTube channels are.

Figure out what you could do on there and I’ll show you how to make money from it. So once you’re uploading videos you get your YouTube video channel started.

You’ll be able to eventually monetize it with ads. And so to do that, of course, all you got to do is go to channel settings. Make sure your copyright status and community status is good. So don’t do anything offensive don’t do anything very divisive with your content. And you shouldn’t have any problems with being flagged or anything and then go to monetization and enable it.

When Monetization Enables:

So once your monetization is enabled well thanks to Google but once it’s enabled. You’ll have this box where it says view monetization settings monetization is enabled. When you go to your video manager you’ll be able to see that you have a little green dollar sign next to your videos. Meaning they are monetized. So once you have a YouTube channel and you’re monetizing videos you need to be making at least 5 videos per week.

I say this because if you look at the top YouTubers that grow their channel every month. That’s the whole point. If you’re not getting better with your channel you’re getting worse. There’s no like staying the same now you can take a month off with this kind of business and still make good money.

But your subscribers subscribe to you because they believe you’re going to keep coming out with new content that’s why they want to watch. So 5 videos per week or more is what works best for me because it helps me grow my traffic.

It will help to improve your exprience

It helps me improve my videos by just getting an experience of doing more videos and it helps me get more ad revenue by growing my channel consistently each month. So weaves 5 videos per week you’ll notice that right now I’m trying to do about 7 per week as you’ll see that just about every single day.

I do a video and if I miss a day.I will try to make the next day.

Do as many videos as you can. You can find ways to come up with new content number. Do a keyword research to improve your CPM and traffic to your CPM.

How much you’re making from people looking at your ads so let’s say you do an entertainment channel. You’re not going to make much per thousand views as compared to a business or a reviews channel. So if you’re reviewing business software you’re going to have really high bids you see suggested bids when you don’t have to pay for that either. But I recommend you use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

When you sign into Google Adwords you just go under tools and click keyword planner and it’ll allow you to search different keywords for your video ideas so you’ll get suggested bid competition and monthly searches.

You want your monthly searches to be in the thousands it should be at least one to 10,000 per month if not more competition ideally will be low or medium and your suggested bid based on what your channel is will vary a lot.

The higher it is it like this one new movie. I’m just using a movie reviews keyword search as an example but for instance, if you do a video about movie reviews. It’s only got a $1 suggested bid which means advertisers aren’t paying a lot to get people in front of those.

But if you do a new movie’s video you have just under $7 suggested bid so you can get something like that that is a really good range. If you can keep it around five dollars or more for your suggested bid you will make a lot more money per thousand views than say most channels on YouTube.

Now if you look at YouTube channels like PewDiePie or Jenna Marbles or some of these comedy channels that get millions of views they have to get millions of views to make good money because they are CPM is extremely low people do not pay a lot to have ads in front of.

You know just comedy channels where you’re being funny and stuff like that. But if you’re reviewing products if you’re talking about movies where people pay to go to movies people pay for products and makeup tutorials even wear makeup, of course, could be sold. Anything that helps businesses will get you higher revenue per thousand views on YouTube.

Start WordPress Blog:

So use the keyword tool to figure this out get a higher suggested bid around $5 or more competition low to medium at least 1,000 to 10,000 searches per month. if you’re doing that you should start seeing some pretty decent Adsense revenue from YouTube. Now you need to start a WordPress blog to take it to another level. (google ads make money)

I recommend WordPress because WordPress is going to give you the most options. It’s going to give you the most customization and the most freedom to do what you want so you have plugins.

You have you can hire developers or do your own programming to make your site. However you want it to be and this gives you more opportunities for making money.

Another thing you can put ads on WordPress sites as you can see there’s an ad right there there’s an ad down here and so do all this set up your WordPress blog.

It will only cost you about $30 a month or something it’s very cheap but that will show you how to do that and what we’re going to do is we’re going to put ads on a website and then you’re going to get some of your YouTube traffic from there to go to your website as well.

So the goal is to have people visiting your YouTube videos and your website. Both where you have Adsense have Adsense ads on both okay so start a WordPress blog and then give people more information and resources on your blog.

If you look at one of my videos, for instance, let’s say you look at my most recent one. Here I’ll highlight for you my description here is here are you know I basically did a little summary of what the article is about and then in the second sentence

I have the link self-made slash work from home jobs high pain that is the kind of more information but not right now a few days later.

I will add example with this article but later.

google ads make money

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