how to create a blog for free and make money?

By | January 8, 2019

how to create a blog for free and make money. In this article, I will tell you about all the methods and techniques that are required to create a blog for free and earn money.

what is a blog? What does blogger do? How blog can be created?

which things are necessary to create a successful blog?

First question is that what blog actually is?

Blog means sharing content about specific topic on specific website.

You create a specific website and you share specific contents or interest related contents there about which company
tells you.
Or in a blog, you can share your personal points. Your personal experience or interest.

Blog Meaning?

Blog means that a site which is updated regularly called blog.Blog usally runs by individual or small groups of people.

Example of a blog:

in order to learn and understand the example of blogging let’s dive deep on how to create a blog for free and make money?.

You should involve these portions when you create your website but it depends on the purpose of creating your site.

Through you can easily find templates that help to find the build in templates that solve your problem if you do not know about HTML, CSS or any other languages that are used for creating websites. Then this platform is for you to create your site for free. In order to create your site with, you need the only domain.

It is just drag and drop paltform. It’s easy to create your site with blogger.

Example of a Blog
Logo Portion
Right Colum Or
Left Column

Who are Blogger?

Blogger is a platform in which you create your blog but a personal is also called a blogger who works on blogger platform.

how to create a blog for free and make money

A blog is very informative and interactive.What is mean by informative and interactive?


Informative means when you share some contents in your blog that gives information to people about something. Thats why people take interst in that blog.


A blog must be interactive. nteractive means that people can ask their questions and you can answer it there.we proceed further that what are the duties of a blogger?.

Duties of a Blogger?

By proceeding further in the view of a freelancer what is mean by blogger?

Posting Content:

The first duty of a blogger is posting interesting content. you have to write abou that contents about the requirements of a company.

For example if there is a medical company that want you to write about their medical e.g dental products.Your first responsibility as a blogger to write contents for that website and post on that site.

Interaction with the reader:

This is the second important duty of a blogger. When you post something on that site, you are dealing with human beings. I mean to say that when people take interest then they will ask a question about it. As a blogger, you have a responsibility to answer all the questions that people are asking.You have also a responsiblity to up to date that people with your contents.

Now we are trying to teach you the method that how to create a blog?

How to create a blog?

In order to create a blog and make money.The biggest tool for blogging is am suggesting you to learn and develop your skills in

If you still wondering how to create a blog for free and make money?.then watch this video how to create blog:

how to start a blog and make money?

(how to create a blog for free and make money?).When you selected your platform for blogging like then after selecting the platform here comes.

setting the theme:

You have to select the color of your blog. If the color of your blog is attractive and users like and read it. If your blog colour is not attractive then users will never read nor like it.

Creating the content:

When you select a platform and attractive color for your blog then after that you have to create your content for your blogger.When you are not planning to create your content then you will never create a successful blogger.


After all the steps that you have done above then you have to promote your blog as much as you can. When your company not just told you to create content for their blogger but also promote it then you have to promote your blogger. For blogger promotion you can use ads or social media platform.promoting your blog means to increase visitors in your blog.

Requirements to Create a Blog?

Following are the requirements to know how to create a blog for free and make money?

1.Be consistent:

Be consistent means that you have to manage your time for creating posts for your blog.In blogging consistency is very necessary.If you are consitent then if anyone gives you any job then will finish that work sucessfully.

2.Valuable content:

Your contents must be valuable. It means that you should not post rubbish things on your blog which users dislike it. You should develop user interest in that contents. To come and visit your site again for such type of precious and valuable contents.When users take interest in your blog then users will be attracted to your blog.

3.Shake things up:

It means that you are not told to write just text in your blog.You can use pictures and graphics to make your blog more

4.Geniune Response:

Responding to people in a human way.It means that you have to repond people in human way not in mashine way.People like responses more in a humanic way.

5. Use Labels:

You should use labels for your blog. If you are not using labels for your blog then you cannot become a successful blogger.

Why I am saying to you to use labels?. Labels are that keywords that are you using for your search engine optimization(SEO).
If your blog has search labels then your blog will appear on top in google.
A user will automatically visit your blog.

6. Writing Style:

The last point in blogging is writing style. If you have created a blog which is about learning english.If you have used difficult language in it which users are facing difficulty in reading your article.Then users will never visit your blog.

These tips which I have told you are very necessary for your success and mentainance of your blog.
You should keep all these tips in mind in order to develop yourself in blogging.

how to start a blog and make money? I think your searching for this type of questions like how to start a blog and make money?. Then I think you have enjoyed this article and you will have learned something useful.

If you are still have question like how to start a blog and make money? you are still not satisfied about your question like how to create a blog for free and make money? then you can comment below.

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