Five key factors for success

By | December 12, 2018

Five key factors for success

1.Your Attitude:

If your attitude is not on a level that your dedication, honesty, and hard work and you cannot focus on your work then
you cannot get prosperity in your work. And you will not get your desired result. Attitude sets the tone of your work.
If you don’t start your work with a positive attitude then you cannot finish your work with a positive attitude.

2. Stay relax during working:

It means that you should work in an easy environment. It does not mean that you should put your work to tomorrow. You should be
active not so lazy to leave your work for tomorrow. You have already known from prevous classes that during the race Rabbit and Tortoise. You should work slowly but constantly doing with consistancy you can finish or finalize your work easily.
Avoid distractions and does those work which make you happy.

3. You should stay on time:

this means that you should manage your time for your work that how many minutes this project or whatever you are doing will
take to finalize it. Everyone knows that time is very precious. You should bound yourself to do a particular task in
a particular time.

4. Avoid Distractions:

In the recent era, social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram and instant messaging these are distractions during your work
.If you are watching Youtube videos,listning songs, watching movies, chatting with friends or in-person your meeting
with someone. So you are wasting your precious time on these. So actually these are distractions so will not work well due
to these distractions. An easy method is that when you are working turn your phone off, don’t visit any site that engages you and
prevents you from your work.Remember time is money.

5.Improve your communication skills:

As you know that communication is very necessary for every environment. But in Freelancing, you need the English language more becuase
you have to deal with someone in the English language. English is a business language if you cannot communicate with someone
then you will lose your interest in a freelancing field. Your communication should be precise, effective and to the point, if you want to hire yourself by employers
for their projects.

All these five skills which are discussed above you should memorize about these skills until it becomes your habit.

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