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By | December 12, 2018

What is Freelancing?


freelancing is an increasing phenomenon which has grabbed the world from previous years.

It is the second name of working from home.

Why freelancing?

Why you do freelancing when you quit your last full-time job and start your freelancing and adopt it as a career.


I am compelling you that you can empower yourself in freelancing. You can hire surrounding people and can
create more job opportunities. So what is the thing that you cannot find it in a full-time job?


According to the recent census in Pakistan 49% of the population is male and 51% population is male. We are giving proper education to our females but we are not allowing women to go and work in the office.

The dream when are showing that you can do everything when you become elder then this dream become false. Because We are an Islamic nation and do not let our women go lonely and work in the same office with a male.

So here becomes the idea and importance of freelancing that freelancing is not compelling to quit your go far from your home and work somewhere else. You can do it in your home and make lots of money.


Freelancing does not compel you to take the public transport to go for work on time.
It does not demand you to work in the same office alongside males. It means that staying in the home you will need only two things computer and internet.

Alongside these two things, you have to learn some skills. Always adopt those skills which excite you. When you expert
in some skill of your desire then you can work from home easily. You will not to have worry about going outside your home,
work alongside males and you will be your own boss.


Where do I learn Skill?

So the question is very interesting that Where I learn these skills so nowadays the internet is full of resources.
Google is your best companion. You can find and search everything on YouTube regarding any skill.
Watch tutorials. There is a lot of free courses available on internet like Udemy.
You can also get free courses on



When you create a profile on any freelance site and find your project and start bidding on that project and win your project.
When you earn 1 dollar in your life for the first time you will remind this article if this article has motivated you
to do freelancing. You will feel extremely happy.



If you are a woman and for the sake of your children you cannot go outside for a job then freelancing is the best option for
you start it.





If you have a computer, internet connection and having some skills about a particular knowledge then start offering
your services as a freelancer.



So I encourage you to start freelancing and enjoy your life.

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