Types of a Freelance marketplace

By | December 12, 2018

Types of a Freelance marketplace

Now we dive deep into the types of a Freelance marketplace.


To understand Types of a Freelance marketplace first we are starting with the biggest platform Upwork.com It is a convincing freelancer to find his job and convincing employer to post his project.
There is different skillset in Upwork website. Employer post there projects about different topics in different skillset.
Employers are from everywhere around the world post their project.

You should know that if you are expert in some skillset and how many other skill sets you should know.

For example

In order to understand about Types of a Freelance marketplace, we take the example of web development. When you see the overview of projects then you should come to will know how to enhance, improve and
learn in order to apply as a freelancer and in order to bid as a freelancer on these particular topics within that on
that particular niche which is web development.

I am telling you that in up work that mainstream skills like web development software development and graphic designing.

Now upward have declined the registration of new freelancers the reason is that there is lots of competition it that.
Upwork want to maintain his status. They want to maintain the quality of freelancing and to improve only those freelancers
which are experts in their fields. There is no need to worry about there is a method that how you can get your profile
approved on up work?
The first best and easy method to get approved is that you should enroll yourself in small skillset and after some time
you should upgrade into larger skillset like web and software etc.

Then take your paid profile. Mean when you give money then there is a greater chance to approve your profile. I am not giving a guarantee of giving money your profile will be 100% approved. But chances become high.
So that was upwork.com which is the biggest freelance marketplace.

Another which I am going is to discuss is fiver.com

A traditional marketplace like upwork,guru.com and freelancer.com work same. I am telling you that guru.com and freelancer.com registration is easy. They do not technically reject your application.

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There are two ways to work on fiver:

You should place a good description and video. When you introduce your work in one minute video than from this video.
An employer knows to decide are you the right choice for there business or not.from video and description people will know
more about you and your work. In fiver, there is no need for bidding. For those who want to bid then they want to adopt the
biding structure. There are a lot other extra options in fiver that when your employer wants to do their project in one day
means in urgent then they will have to pay extra money for that.
So go to the fiver upload your services and follow these rules:

A: You should write a good description for your gig.
B: Associate your gig with a short video which tells about your work.About your product and services.

C: Addon features.

So that someone wants to acquire your services on a very limited or short period of time you will increase your price

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