termux commands | Learn termux

By | December 30, 2018
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termux commands
termux commands

What is Termux?

Termux is basically an Android terminal emulator. It is an application that provides a Linux environment. Where you can run commands.Termux does not require rooting for its installation.

What you can do through termux?

You can do alot of things through termux.You can run netcat,nethunter,nmap and other important things you can do here in termux.It support mostly programming languages.

How to install Termux?

You can install termux by just going to your Google play store and search for termux apk.Just click on first app and install that app.

Basic Commands for termux:

Following are the basic commands for termux.

pkg search [package_Name]

This command is used to search any package in termux.

For example:

I want to search python package then I will type the above command as:

pkg search python.

So it will show all the related packages.

Pkg install [package_Name]

Above command is used to install any package in termux.

For example:

I want to install python in my termux then I will type above command as:

pkg install python

It will start installing click yes After some time your package will be installed.

If I want to install python2 then I will type the above command as:

pkg install python2

So python2 package will be installed.

pkg list or apt list

Through this command you can watch a list of packages that you can install in termux .If you do not know about which package I can install.

It will show you a list of packages that you can install.


Through this command you can clean your termux terminal.


Through above command you can know about all the running process in termux just by typing above command.

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