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By | August 10, 2020

There are three ways through which you can create a Subscribe popup window for your WordPress Website.

Through these sites, you can create a popup Window for your WordPress. Choose any site.

  1. mailchimp.com
  2. mailmunch.com
  3. hellobar.com

In this tutorial I a selecting mailchimp to create a subscribe popup window for my wordpress site.

If you want to create a popup window for your site then do the following steps.

Steps to Create a Subscribe Popup windows for WordPress:

Following are the steps to create a Subscribe popup window for your wordpress site.

Step 1:

First Create account on mail chimp add your site URL there.

Step 2:

Copy code and paste in the header section of your WordPress theme.

Do the following steps to add code to your wordpress site.

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on appearance
  • Then click on theme editor
  • choose header.php file
  • paste your code between <head> Your Code here</head>
  • Now check your site.
  • Your site will be connected to Mail Chimp

Step 3:

Open WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugin area.

Click on add new Plugin

Search for mail munch

install Mailchimp Forms by MailMunch

Activate it and after activation just enter your user name and password of mail chimp there.

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There are three steps there

  • Connect the Mailchimp
  • Choose MailChampList
  • Click on create your first form

Connect the Mailchimp:

First you have to connect the Mailchimp. When you open it first it will ask for mailchimp email and password. After entering mailchimp email and password mailchimp will be connected.

Choose Mailchimp List:

Mailchimp will automatically pick one list that you have created during creating a mail chimp account.

Click on create your first form:

Click on Create your first form. You can get free and pro templates there.

One thing to be noted here is that Mailchimp is only grabbing up to 2000 email list for free.

There are some free and paid templates available however you can use simple templates for free.

Just change the templates according to your needs. Here you can colorize that template and are fully customizable.

After changing template according to your need and select mail chimp option from there and your popup window is ready.

When someone subscribe through that windows their emails will be available to you on mail chimp audience option.

You can watch video below to know about the complete procedure.

Watch Video to know How to create a popup window.

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