Camtasia Studio 9 Registeration Free LifeTime

By | August 9, 2020

In this tutorial I am sharing a complete step by step Camtasia Studio 9 Registeration Trick. After reading this post and understanding the post. If you follow the exact same procedure you will be able to register Camtasia Studio 9 free for life time.

I have created a complete video about Camtasia Studio 9 registeration soon I will post link here in this post or you can like our facebook page or subscribe us on YouTube.

Register Camtasia Studio 9

Now I am sharing a step by step procedure that how to Register Camtasia Studio 9 step by step:

Following are the steps must follow these steps in order to register your Camtasia Studio 9 Software.

Step 1:

First of all Goto the official website of Camtasia to download the latest version of Camtasia Studio or you can download it from this link.

Step 2:

Install Camtasia Studio 9

Step 3:

Open your C Drive or a drive which contain windows.

Step 4:

Click on Windows

System 32



and then you will find host file there

Step 5:

Add the following entries to your hosts file

Add the following entries to your hosts file

Note: host file can only edited in Notepad ++ you can download and install it if you don’t have it.

Save host file.

close everything.

Open Camtasia Studio.

You will still see the trial version don’t worry I am here to fixing your issue. just drag and drop one media file in Camtasia time line and click on share.

Make sure you should disable your wifi or ethernet cable during registering camtasia.

It will ask for a key. Copy any keys given below and paste it there. After sometime it will shows an error and your media file will be generated without.

When your media generated close your Camtasia Studio 9 and open it again and click on new project then it will not ask for a key.

To know weither your camtasia Studio 9 is registered or not then for verification click on Help and then click on About Camtasia.

You will see a muti user licence there. So Enjoy Free Camtasia for Lifetime.

If you don’t understand about the above procedure I have created a video about Camtasia Studio 9 Registeration. I will post a link here soon. or You can comment below I will help you to solve your problem.

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