internet download manager registration

By | August 15, 2020

internet download manager registration is the most searched topic on the internet. Every question regarding the IDM problem is solved in this post (about IDM (Internet Download Manager)).

This is a detailed post regarding IDM registration problems. Scroll down to know and solve your problems. If you don’t want to read the common questions regarding IDM registration then kindly scroll down to solve your problem regarding IDM registration.

internet download manager registration
What is Internet Download Manager?

Internet Download Manager is software that helps you to download videos and files from the internet easily with the best download speed. It is one of the most famous downloading software to download most of the files from the internet. IDM is providing a thirty days trial but you have to pay serial key if thirty days are passed.

It is a mostly used software for downloading files from the internet.

How to Register your IDM for lifetime?

You can register your IDM for a lifetime by purchasing a key from the website. After purchasing a key from the official site of Internet Download Manager you will be able to use IDM for a lifetime.
I recommend purchasing the IDM key that you can use it for a lifetime.
Or you can register your IDM by using a crack file.

Can I crack IDM?

Yes, you can crack any software but for cracking you need to be a cracker and you must know reverse engineering to crack IDM(Internet Download Manager).

Where I will find IDM Crack?

There are different types of sites available that are providing IDM (Internet Download Manager) crack that will help you to register your IDM. like cracking patching .com is a site from which you can download IDM crack.

What are crack files?

Crack files are files that help you to register a particular software for you. Crack files are the files that bypass the key requirement of any program.

Are Crack files Safe?

Absolutely Not. Crack files usually contain viruses, Trojans, and malware that may steal your credentials or slow down your computer. or sometimes contains ransomware that causes serious damage to your data and encrypts your files.

How to Solve IDM integration Problem?

You can solve your IDM integration problem through many ways like by adding extension from Google chrome web store or you can Click here to read about it.

Internet Download Manager Alternative?

Free Download Manager is a software that is the alternative to Internet download manager which is free. You can easily download most of the files from the internet through the internet download manager easily.
To download Internet download manager free from google just type “Free download manager” then you can easily find a free internet download manager on its official site for free.

internet download manager registration

  1. Step 1:

    Go to the official site of internet download manager and download the trial version of internet download manager.

  2. Install updated trial version of IDM

    Install that IDM software that you have downloaded from the official site of IDM.

  3. Download Crack IDM

    Click here to download the crack IDM file. Unzip it. and then go to crack file and unzip that crack file using password 123.
    Make sure when unzipping the crack file first disable your Windows Firewall and Defender.
    Install it.

  4. Open IDM

    After installation of crack file open your IDM.
    click on help and you will see that your IDM will be registered for life time.

  5. Do not update it

    When your IDM is registered then don’t update it otherwise your IDM will ask for key again.

IDM not working in chrome Fix it.

There are several ways that you can use to solve your IDM integration problem. By applying these techniques you will be able to fix your IDM integration problem.

If you have installed your IDM and download option is not showing when you open any video on YouTube or any other website then this article is for your to solve your problem.

fix IDM extension Problem Google Chrome?

IDM Extension problem can be solved through different techniques.

Method # 1 to solve your IDM extension Problem:

update your Internet Download Manager. By updating your internet download manager to the latest verion you can solve your problem.

Uninstall Your Internet Download manager and reinstall it again then Internet Download Manager will automatically add IDM extension(IDM Integration ) for you.

If your problem is still existing then you can try method 2 to solve your IDM integration problem.

Method # 2:

The following are the steps that will help you to fix your IDM Integration Problems. You can manually add your IDM extension by applying the below techniques.


  1. Write click on your IDM icon on your PC Desktop.
  2. Click on properties
  3. Click on an open file location
  4. Search for an IDMGCEXT.CRX file.
  5. Open your chrome and then click on 3 dots on the upper right corner of your Google Chrome
  6. Click on more tools
  7. Then click on Extensions
  8. Open Developer mode
  9. Drag and drop IDMGCEXT.CRX file here.
  10. Click on add IDM Extension and enjoy
  11. Now open any media file on YouTube then you will see a download option there on top of your video.

Method # 3 :

If you have tried method 1 and 2 and your IDM integration problem is not solved yet then try this method.

This method is so simple just click on the below link to add IDM Integration into your Google on this link to download IDM integration.

When you click on the above link will add an IDM extension for you. Then open YouTube, you will see a download button above videos.

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