Install app that is unavailable in your country

By | June 12, 2018

In this tutorial I will tell you about how to Install app that is unavailable in your country but you want to install it. I am going to tell you the complete procedure that how to solve your problem regarding your question Install app that is unavailable in your country.

Don’t worry If you typed this question in  .

This is the best answer to your question.

Install an app that isn’t available in your country:

If there is an app that you want to download which is not available in your country but you still want to download and install this app

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Basic Termux Commands

You can use VPN which means ‘virtual private network’.

It gives you a secure internet connection via private networks in locations outside of your current one.

I mean to say it hides your IP address(Internet protocol).

Basically, a VPN service can make it look like you’re accessing the internet from a different place or location.

It’s important that you choose the best VPN.

Once you’ve download and installed a VPN.

select the country whose Play Store you want to access in the VPN app.

Get the VPN up and running.

Then open the Play Store app.

It should land on the Play Store homepage of the country you selected. Now you can get your desired app to download .

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