HR Strategies for Dealing with Vendors

By | September 2, 2018

HR Strategies for Dealing with Vendors


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Success never happens in a vacuum. If your company is going to succeed, you must get help from other people. I’m not just talking about your employees and your clients. I’m talking about external partnerships and alliances you’ll create along the way, including vendors.

Vendors are essential to almost every business. As innovation and globalization accelerate and companies outsource more functions, partnerships, and vendor relationships are more important than ever. It is critical for business leaders to be able to capture maximum value from the marketplace while building collaborative relationships.

Vendors can do much more than merely supply you with the services you need to do business. They can also be important sources of information, helping you evaluate the potential of new products, track competitors’ actions and identify promising opportunities.

Vendors can turn into partners, helping you cut costs, improve product designs and even fund new marketing efforts.

When you manage vendors well, they perform well and can save your company money, time, and hassles. And if you create long-term relationships with vendors, they can be integral to your success and also feel like part of your business “family.”

In this course, I’m going to provide you with a step-by-step strategy to find and manage vendors and the vendor relationship, regardless of the size or function of your organization.

In addition, I’m going to offer you strategic skills behind successful negotiation and the best tips to get the most benefit from the relationship.


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