After Effects CC Complete Guide to Video Transitions Presets

By | September 2, 2018

After Effects CC Complete Guide to Video Transitions Presets


    • You need to have After Effects CS6 or Creative Cloud (CC) installed to follow along.
    • You need to have at least a beginner’s skills in how to animate in After Effects.
  • You do NOT need to have any experience in Visual Effects or using any Presets.


From the Author of the Bestselling and Highest Rated After Effects Complete Course

Complete Guide to Adobe After Effects CC Video Transitions Presets

Don’t Miss Out: 
Did you know that within the *Animation Presets in After Effects CC there is a total of 78 Transitions Presets all ready for you to use without any alteration?

At Your Fingertips:
Did you know that you can use these Presets to create awesome Video/Images and Compositions Transitions just like a pro (and even better)?

What’s this course all about?
Expand your skills and master all the Transitions Presets. After all that’s why Adobe has included them in After Effects. They are useful, easy to use and modify, so they can be styled your way.

You will cover the three Transitions Presets Groups:

  1. The Movement Presets (28 Presets)
  2. The Wipes Presets (21 Presets)
  3. The Dissolve Presets (29 Presets)

You will gain many new skills including:

  1. How to apply the Transitions Presets
  2. How to change and style the Presets
  3. How to use every Effect applied to create the Presets
  4. How to Create a proper Slideshow from these Presets
  5. How to Create, Save and Use your own Presets
  6. How to convert the old-fashioned NTSC and PAL Presets to modern Transitions
  7. … and lots of other details that you never had the chance to explore

You will also learn how to take advantage of the major effects used to create the Presets such as:

  1. Turbulent Displace Effect
  2. Transform Effect
  3. Block Dissolve Effect
  4. Iris Wipe Effect
  5. Linear, Radial and Venetian Blind Effects
  6. … and many more extremely useful effects

A little bit about me – Better said by Stephan:
This isn’t my first course with Louay, and there are good reasons for that. Louay’s courses are some the most well thought out, intelligently designed, and clearly structured for all levels of experience…
One of my favorite aspects of Louay’s instructions is that, while engaging the students, he doesn’t waste time with verbal nonsense. As a student, you will not have your time wasted with poorly edited videos with audio content that has nothing to do with the course. But don’t read that as Louay isn’t engaging or lacking interest. It’s the opposite. He wants his students to learn and achieve a higher skill set in After Effect.

Another top remark about Louay is that he is always there for his students. I’ve read several questions from other students (and even asked a few myself), and Louay’s response time is great.

So, get ready to jump in and be challenged.

Stephan S Nilson (Louay’s student in After Effects CC: Complete Course from Novice to Expert)

Start using After Effects to its fullest potential

You do not need to be advanced After Effects CC user to join this course. Simple knowledge on how to animate is enough. I will guide you step by step in every lesson

By the end of this course, you will have mastered all the Transitions Presets and will be able to use and style them in any of your projects. Soon you will be able to create outstanding Slideshows on the fly.

See you inside the course.



Who is the target audience?

  • A Beginners and Intermediate After Effects users who want to master the built-in Transitions Presets
  • Anyone Interested in creating Video & Images Slideshow projects
  • Students who want to start using After Effects Presets and Create their own Preset library
  • Continuous learning to build more skills in using After Effects

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