Google Adsense pin verification problems

By | March 18, 2020

Some people are facing Google Adsense pin verification issues like some are complaining about pin is not received. In this article, we will talk about how to verify google Adsense account Verification without pin Code.

Google Adsense pin verification

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is an advertisement program administrated and run by Google. Through this platform, people can monetize their audio, video and text contents online like a website, blog or on Youtube.

What is Google Adsense PIN?

Google Adsense PIN (Personnel Identification Number) is a 6 digit secret number sent by Google in order to verify your address before sending any payment.

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How do I get my AdSense pin?

Once you applied for address verification and your address is verified google will send you a 6 digit PIN.

What if when my Pin Not Received?

When your pin is not received you can apply for a replacement pin.

How much time it will take to receive my PIN?

Google Adsense Verification PIN usually takes 2 to 4 weeks and can take longer may depend upon your country post-delivery.

Google Adsense Problems:

There are various problems that people are facing every time when dealing with Google Adsense.

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  • A problem in Adsense pin verification
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  • How do I verify my AdSense account without pin?
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  • Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment

How to Apply for Google Adsense?

Google Adsense can be applied for YouTube, Blogger, and your WordPress website.

Following are the steps to apply for Google Adsense:

How to apply Google Adsense On YouTube?

To Apply for Google Adsense on YouTube you can do the following steps:

  • Open your YouTube channel
  • Click on Youtube Studio
  • Go to monetization tab
  • Apply from there

How to add your site to Google Adsense?

Following are the steps to add your site to Google Adsense:

  • Open Google Adsense account
  • On the left sidebar click on sites
  • Click on the add sites button
  • enter your website domain name
  • Click on add

Google Adsense address verification solution | Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment

Once your account balance reached the minimum threshold then Google Adsense will show you a message(your payments are currently on hold- action is required to release payment) to verify your address. To verify your address you can use your CNIC, Adhar card or any government provided document.

  • Take clear pictures from both the front and backside of your CNIC or Adhar card.
  • Combine those pictures to make a single picture from it.
  • Click on action
  • click on verify now
  • enter your exact same name and address which is mentioned in your document which you are uploading.
  • upload your document and click on submit.
  • Google will send you a verification email once your address is verified.

Note: if your document is blur then google will reject your address verification. Make sure your document is clear.

Watch the below video to know about the exact solution to this problem.

How to Verify Google Adsense without pin?

If you have tried for google Adsense pin 3 times and google Adsense pin is still not receiving and you are still getting this error message in your google AdSense (Your ad units are not showing ads because you have not verified your address) then this article will help you.

watch this video definitely it will solve your problem if you want to solve your problem without Google Adsense pin

Stages of Google Adsense Verification:

There are mainly two stages of Google Adsense account verification.

  1. Google Address Verification
  2. Pin Verification

1. Google Adsense Address Verification:

Google will show you a message in your Adsense account once your account balance reached 10 dollars. For that purpose you have to send your Scanned copies of your CNIC or any other government provided document.

2. Google Adsense PIN Verification:

Once you completed the google Adsense Address Verification Step then google will send you a 6 digit PIN. You will have to enter that pin in a specific place in your Adsense account.

Why my pin is not Recieved?

I have seen many problems regarding Google Adsense verification pin. Google sends PIN to everyone once his address is verified. But it depends on your location mean if your country have a proper post office mechanism then your pin can be easily delivered to you.

Is there is an alternate way to verify my google Adsense account without pin?

Yes, you can verify your google Adsense account without a pin. There is a condition for this situation. If you have applied for Google Adsense pin 3 times and for each pin your have waited for 2 – 4 weeks. Watch the above video to solve your problem.

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