facebook account disabled | How to recover it

By | November 11, 2019

facebook account disabled means you are blocked from accessing your account and you cannot log in to your Facebook account. If someone facebook account is blocked or disabled then he/she cannot access his/her account.

facebook account disabled

Why facebook account is blocked/disabled?

There are several reasons why your Facebook account is disabled or blocked.

If you are posting such types of contents on facebook which are violating facebook terms and conditions then it will be a possibility for Facebook to block you or disable your account.

Using the fake names on facebook is also a possibility fo facebook to disable your account.

Sharing copyright content on Facebook can be a possibility for disabling your account.

Another reason for facebook account disabled is that when sharing and sending links again and again to your friends and other people on the internet it may be a possibility for Facebook to disable your account.

How do I know if my facebook account is disabled?

If your account is disabled whenever you try to log in to your Facebook account then you will see a message there that “your account is disabled”. If there you are not seeing any disabled message then you are facing another problem.

How to prevent facebook account from blocking?

You can prevent your facebook account by:

  1. Not sharing spamming links or any advertising links
  2. Do not share any copyright materials on Facebook. When you share copyright materials, when someone reports it to facebook then your account may be disabled.
  3. Use real name because if facebook knows about you that you are using a fake name then your account can be disabled or removed by facebook.

What can I do if my friend’s account is disabled?

Facebook does not accept the appeal on behalf of friends and facebook cannot reveal any information to anyone. Your friend can appeal to facebook by using email which is connected to his Facebook account.

What can I do If my personal facebook account is disabled?

If you understand that you have not done any illegal work on facebook. which is against facebook community standards you can appeal to facebook.

In the appeal, page enter your login email or phone number. Enter the full name of your Facebook account and upload any Government provided id and click send.

Once your appeal submitted wait for some days. It may take some time. Facebook will review your appeal and it may or may not activate your account again.

Good Luck!

4 thoughts on “facebook account disabled | How to recover it

  1. Alex selven

    Hi please help me I am damn tensed my account is getting disabled for the 3rd time in Mere 2weeks

    It’s stating my account is disabled and they have reviewed the decision and they cannot review it

    Funniest part is
    My latest account was only 5hours old and they disabled it…
    How will I break any community standard brother

    Old give me a solution dude

    U can ctc on my mail I’d


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