Go Foundations – Learn Go (Golang) From Beginner To Advanced

By | August 25, 2018

Go Foundations – Learn Go (Golang) From Beginner To Advanced


  • This course does not assume you to have any programming knowledge, I will teach you from scratch.
  • A basic understanding of a computer is required, you should be able to install & uninstall the software.
  • Any prior knowledge of programming is welcome, but it’s not a must.
  • You would require a text editor like an atom, sublime text, visual studio code, etc. I will show you how to install them and the preferred choices.
  • You would also require to install ‘Go’, no worries, I’ll teach you how to do it in super easy steps.


Go Foundations teaches you everything from scratch without any assumption of prior programming knowledge. The course focuses more on the actual programming concept rather than only the language syntax. Its a hands-on course with 17 Quizzes, 10 Assignments & 4 Projects, this course is all you require to understand the “Go” programming language in-depth.

The course also comes with expert help and timely resolution to your questions, the course also provides all the code links on Github and Golang Play links wherever possible, with all these we make sure you are never lost in the coding journey.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to learn ‘Go’ without prior programming experience, or some experience with other programming languages.
  • If you want to learn high-performance systems, web applications, Api’s, etc.
  • If you want to enhance your current porfolio of programming languages
  • Begineers & Indermediate programmers wanting to increase their understanding of Golang.
  • Web developers and backend engineers who want to create low latency, high performance systems & api.

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