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By | April 27, 2020

Facebook really is Spying on You. Nowadays Facebook has started collecting your offsite activities. people
are completely unaware of the Facebook recent act. Facebook is collecting your data from many sources.

Many sites are collecting your cookies in order to target you with your interest-based ads but besides this Facebook has started collecting your data from other websites that you visit which is called off-Facebook activity.

Off Facebook Activity means an activity that you perform other than using Facebook like you visit YouTube.com, Lynda.com, Udemy.com, Coursera.com, and other apps, etc all these activities are called off Facebook activities.

Why Facebook is recording your off-Facebook activities?

Facebook records your Off-Facebook Activities because they can easily know about you what you’re doing on the internet other than Facebook. When Facebook knows about you then Facebook can easily target you with relevant ads based on your interest.

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Facebook collects the information about sites that you visits. Through these information Facebook can show you different types of ads and campaigns runs on Facebook. You will be an easy target for Facebook because Facebook have known already about you and your interest.

How to Block Facebook From spying on You?

Facebook is now recording your off Facebook Activities. In order to ban Facebook to record your Off Facebook activities just do the following steps in your Facebook account.

Note this setting is same weither you are on a mobile or PC.

Step # 1:

Go to Setting in your Facebook Profile

Step # 2:

Click on your Facebook Information

Step # 3:

Click on Off-Facebook activity and click on view. You will see that many sites will have shared your activity with Facebook.

Step # 4:

Click on Clear History. All your previous history will be cleared.

Step # 5:

Click on Manage Future activity.

Step # 6:

Simply turn off the Off-Facebook Activity check box . That’s it now Facebook can’t spy on you and cannot see your Off – Facebook Activities.

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