By | August 14, 2018


What will you learn in This course?

  • Animating colors, shadows.. moving things around & rotating them …etc
  • Controlling 100% your animation and even before and after the animation execution.
  • Create awesome Menus, checkboxes, Spinners, step by step forms


  • A basic knowledge of HTML( tags, HTML markup structure, referencing styles )
  • A basic knowledge of CSS (styling elements, CSS properties, selectors)


The course is about CSS animations and how to make beautiful animations only with CSS, It so easy to make interactive elements on your web page using CSS animation properties + transitions.

We will cover the animation concept and what are the properties that you can / can’t animate and what’s recommended to animate especially when it’ about performance.

Next, we will get our hands to code and practice, so we can master these concepts.

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginner web developers
  • Beginner web designers

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