TypeScript Fast Crash Course

By | August 14, 2018

TypeScript Fast Crash Course




TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, which means that is language that was created to add features to JavaScript. You might be asking yourself why it was created and why not just add those features directly to JavaScript.

Sometimes language foundations take time to implement features because the committee has to approve it, test and get feedback before requests are answered. The solution for that is to create another language that adds functionality to the language we need, and that’s where TypesScript comes in.

TypeScript has many advanced features that plain JavaScript doesn’t have yet but the good news is that we can start using it now since TypeScript compiles JavaScript ES5 which at this moment is the most compatible version of JavaScript for all browsers.

Most people that want to learn TypeScript its because they need the skills to use with some Frameworks like Angular.

My goal with this courses is just given you the fundamentals of the language, show you what TypeScript is and how to use it. We as developers have time neither can we afford to spend too much time on any technology.

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