50 Secret Tips and Tricks for Every Microsoft Excel Addict

By | August 15, 2018

50 Secret Tips and Tricks for Every Microsoft Excel Addict

What will you learn in this course?

  • Know how to make the most Excel and have fun with it.
  • Learn how to use little-known features of Excel like an Expert
  • Shortcuts that lead to better time management, and increased efficiency
  • Learn tips so mind-blowingly useful and known only by Excel Experts
  • Be able to teach/help others at home or work.
  • Get Appreciation at Work from Colleagues and Management


The desire to make Excel easier for yourself.

Basic Proficiency in Excel

A PC with Microsoft Excel Installed – 2010 and Above.

Lots of Enthusiasm and the Willingness to Stand out as Excel Expert


Microsoft Excel is an integral part of most businesses. Some people relish the capabilities of Excel, finding it a useful tool that allows them to easily manage, report on and illustrate tables of data.


Others, however, find it tedious and downright obtuse, unable to make heads or tails of what exactly Excel can do from them, aside from keeping things in neat columns and rows.

This course is designed to help you use Excel more effectively. Learn to use Excel’s Amazingly Powerful Tips and Tricks I’ve picked up over the past 15 years using Excel. Adding one or more of these tricks into your repertoire, you will be able to effortlessly manage data sets, Improve Productivity and Demonstrate value. The Course has plenty of tricks and shortcuts that you can use to get tedious, boring work has done much, much faster.

The course has 50 easy tricks, shortcuts and hacks that will put you on the path to being an Excel superuser.  Be the GO TO person at Work and be looked up by Your Colleagues and Boss as an Excel Guru.


Who is the target audience?

You want to have fun, and learn Excel.

If you want to stand out as an Excel Expert

Anyone who wants to boost their productivity in Excel

Anyone who wants to save time while using Excel

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