Windows Service Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students

By | August 15, 2018

Windows Service Programming in C#.Net For Coders & Students


  • Basics of C#.Net programming language


This course teaches you how to create Windows Service which is a key component of the Windows operating system.

The course is divided into various sections.

In section one, you will learn the definition and anatomy of a Windows Service. You will also understand the difference between a Windows Service and other application types like Windows Forms.

In section two you will create a Windows Service project, and utilize installation to install or uninstall a service.

After this, you will open the Event Viewer to see the events… generated by your newly born service.

In section three you will learn how to debug a Windows Service.

You will also see how to integrate Log4Net logging library into your service project. Its a free & open source library and it lets you generate a rolling log file.

In the next section, you will look into a few real-world scenarios like a file synchronization service and a periodic data update service. You will also learn how to create an installer project for easy setup and installation of a Windows Service.

Windows Services are run not only on Windows Servers but on desktop machines as well. Their usefulness is universal.

In the final section, we are going to create an admin application for a Windows Service. This application will have the ability to start/stop a service and get service status as well.

Please note that this course will not freeze in time, I will keep adding interesting and useful ideas with the passage of time.

I learned Windows Service programming the hard way, on my own. You, sir! can take advantage of my experience and learn it quickly by joining this course. Sign up and I will see you inside!

Who is the target audience?
  • Fresh or experienced programmers with little to no experience in Windows Service programming
  • Programming students who want to learn how background services work

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