Writing Academic English for Beginner

By | September 2, 2018

Writing Academic English for Beginner


  • be able to use a computer



  1. To make it easy for you to write your assignment or thesis.
  2. Provide a ‘toolbox’ that you can use.

What is Academic Writing?

  1. Most students have to write to write assignments or a thesis at the end of their study period.
  2. This requires a certain style of writing. It is called academic writing.
  3. Academic writing features:
    • Give Reference to other sources of information (books/ articles/journals … anything!).
    • Discussion and evaluation of information by the author (you!).
    • impersonal, objective tone.
    • logically organized.


  1. 4 Units (based on features of Academic Writing)
    • The Writing Process
    • Academic Style
    • Using Sources
    • Organising
  2. Individual Lessons based on each unit
Who is the target audience?
  • a student who wants to learn about writing academic English

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