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By | January 2, 2019
keywords,keyword research
keywords,keyword research

In this tutorial, I will teach you what the keywords are?

what are the roles that keywords play on the online internet?
and why people use them?

I think it’s important to give you some background information and a working knowledge of keyword.

before we starting work at generating a list of keywords because otherwise, you will do things without really understanding why you doing it.

It is a key part of any learning process to make sure what you doing?.

I am looking into info granted as I mentioned earlier or assume anything.

I am gonna go to step by step as if you never heard anything about keywords before.
As I will explain something that seems simple and very basic or you learn something before fantastic it’s good to refresh your
memory but by doing it this way I know I will explain everything as best as I can.

So now I am starting from the basics of keyword what keywords are?


Keywords are the words and phrases that are typed into search engines to help people find that information that what they are looking for?

Now I am explaining about keywords in bit more contractual way.

Everytime when your going to your search engine wither it’s Google,Bing,Yahoo or any other one that you use and you type
something to the search box.

You have just typed in a keyword.There are different types of keyword but I will explain it later.But for now you must know that anything that are typed in the search box can be considered a keyword.

Why Keywords are Important?

Now I am going to explore the importance of keywords.

Keywords are important because it is used by search engines to determine the relevent webpage for you.

I means by this is search engines like Google or Bing are not humans.They are computers.

Search engines work through algorithms to determine the required related result through your provided keyword.

Keyword are the connection between what you are searching for and the inofrmation is provided to you in the search results.

Keyword helps in ranking of your website in search engine and also helps in organic traffic.

I mean to say that your website can get more visitors through relevent keywords.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) companies or SEO experts does some
keyword research for optimization of their own websites or their clients websites.

Through keyword research SEO experts can know the most searched keywords.Then these keywords will help them for ranking websites.

What are algorithms?

Algorithms are the special code that when you type a keyword in search engine.Through the help of algorithm search engine provide you a relevant result.

How search engine works?

Search Engines basically takes your keyword that you entered in it.

Or what whatever you are looking for and then it looks for all the data that it has.

Then it search for all the indexed web pages that are stored within Google and then it shows something to you which is more relevant to your search.

For example:

Now I am trying to explain in another way. If a person wants information about Crocodile.

If you have got a webpage that has a keyword and information about Crocodile and it has a good source of contents and information and are relevent for what the person is searching for?.

Then this is going to help you boost your website and push it closer to the top page result.This in terms will give you more organic traffic.

What are organic traffic?

Organic traffic are the natural visitors who find your website from search results.

It is the type of visitors that visits your websites by typing keyword in search engine.

If you just write something about anything but you do not give any consideration about the keywords that your are using.

The chances are that this going to get lost and will never be seen in google search results.

The important thing here is to remember that how often you got clicked page one that appears to you on the first page on search

I mean to say that people always click on the first result of the page and always neglect other pages. So here comes the importance of using keywords.

This is why using keyword effectively to boost your chances of appearing on that first pages of results for the keywords that you are competing for.

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