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By | June 14, 2018

photoshop tutorials, Photoshop CS6 Intermediate Course

photoshop tutorials

photoshop tutorials


In this Photoshop CS6 course contain the following photoshop tutorials. You can learn many things in photoshop through this course.

This is a completely free course. If you are a beginner in photoshop you can get take a photoshop beginner course.

As shown in the picture above you can get download this course by clicking the link given below.

This course contains

11. The Content-Aware Collection

12. Adjusting levels

13.Sharpening details

14.Creating and formatting text

15.Drawing Shapes

16.Layer Effects

17.Paragraph character and layer styles

18.Skale, Rotate, Skew, and Wrap

19.liquifying an image

20. Converting to black and white

21.Saving for the web


23. Exercise Files

How to download this course:

I have given google drive download link. By clicking the link below you can download this course easily.

This course contains 9 folders and one Rar file which contain exercise files.

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If you are completely unaware about photoshop then you can google it. You can search for other courses on this site also.

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