Login in Linux | How to Log in to Linux

By | October 25, 2018

Login in Linux:

Login in Linux:

When you start Linux you will see a login prompt. If you have not added any other
users the only user on the system will be the root which is called superuser.

To login in into Linux just type:
Enter your password at password prompt:

If you have entered the username and password correctly you will find yourself at
the Linux prompt.

How to add a user to Linux?

If you did not add user during Linux installation you can add a user by typing the
following command.
For example:
To add a user john just type the following command>

useradd -m John

Setting a password for User:
You can set the password for the user you added recently.

For example to set a password for the user john just type the following command:

passwd john


To log out from the current user just type CTRL+D to log out.

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