Linux Command line Basics

By | August 16, 2018

Linux Command line Basics


Basic knowledge of computer operations


This is a beginner’s guide to Bash Shell Commands. The course can also serve as a refresher for intermediate/Advance level as well. The concepts are explained in depth with an example.


I have ensured to provide a fundamental platform to the students so that they have basic working knowledge of Linux commands which can be honed for furthering once career in the field of Bash and Automation. I tried to quote multiple ways things can be handled so that students can learn and recognize most of the code written by other developers and also pick some of these methods as their best practice.


Through the medium of this course, I would like to guide students on the following topics:-


  1. A) The directory structure in Linux
  2. B) Different Linux command line
  3. C) Date and calendar
  4. D) Changing the ownership and mode of a file using chmod and chown
  5. E) Process status using top and ps
  6. F) Pipes and redirection
  7. G) File Handling and user input processing
  8. H) Different types of conditional and loop statement in Shell script.


Who is the target audience?

Students willing to get familiarized with Linux, or windows sysadmin migrating to Linux/Unix

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