Learn Javascript Basics Fast

By | August 23, 2018

Learn Javascript Basics Fast


  • Computer Knowledge


This is the bite size course to learn Javascript. You will learn in this course (Learn Javascript Basics Fast )Javascript very fast and You will create your own calculator and form validations very soon after learning the course. You can look into our Learn HTML Basics Fast and Learn CSS Basics Fast Course.


  1. Install Text Editor
  2. Hello World
  4. Javascript in HTML
  5. Variables
  6. Data Types
  7. Arithmetic Operators
  8. Comparison Operators
  9. Logical Operators
  10. Assignment Operators
  11. Joining of Two Strings
  12. IF ELSE Statements
  13. Switch Statements
  14. While Loop
  15. For Loop
  16. Functions
  17. Dialog Boxes
  18. Put Everything Together – Create Our Own Calculator
  19. Events Handling
  20. DOM Basics
  21. Form Validations

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginner Web Developers curious in Javascript

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