Huawei HCIA Real Exam Questions

By | December 30, 2019
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Huawei is offering many certifications like Huawei HCIA, HCIP, and HCIE.

Huawei HCIA

Huawei Certifications

What is HCIA?

HCIA stands for Huawei Certified ICT Associate. It is a Huawei Certification. There are many certifications in Huawei. The three main steps in certifications in Huawei. HCIA, HCIP, HCIE.


HCIA is the beginner certification in Huawei. HCIA stands for Huawei Certified ICT Associate.


HCIP is the second step in the Huawei certification track. HCIP stands for Huawei Certified ICT professional.


This is the last and third step in Huawei Certification. HCIE stands for Huawei Certified ICT Expert.

Extra information:

If you are registered in a Huawei Recognized academy and if they are offering you a free voucher then you have to pass the mock exam for that.

Watch the video below in order to pass your HCIA Routing and Switching mock Exam.

Pass your Huawei HCIA (Routing and Switching) exam easily.

Watch the video below this video contains HCIA Real exam questions this video will help you a lot.


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