How to know someone Facebook password

By | June 11, 2018

How to know someone Facebook Password easily(like places in an internet cafe)

In this tutorial, I will tell you how your Facebook password can be seen by anybody or how to know someone Facebook Password.

If you’re using a public computer like in an internet cafe or in Lab.

When you log in to your facebook id. Google chrome ask you to save your passwords when clicking on save that username and passwords.

So your credentials will be stored in google chrome.

When someone else using this computer and type then that person will automatically be logged in into your account.

Make sure you should not save your password on the public computer.

How can your Facebook password be seen by others?

When someone comes to an internet cafe or use that computer that you used before.

You have already saved your credentials there. So when he click on account icon on google chrome.

Then he clicks on saved passwords.

This will only require windows password to show your credentials. So be aware not to save your credentials while using public computers.

There are other methods that you can see store passwords in google chrome.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Go to settings.

3. Advanced Setting.

4. Passwords and forms

5. Click on  Manage saved passwords. Then you can see the stored username and passwords.

How to show internet passwords in Firefox?

First, open Firefox and go to will see a lock icon there on the website text.

Click on that lock icon then you will see> Tracking Protection and permissions and you will also see an arrow sign there.

Click on the arrow sign and then more information.

click on saved passwords. Then search for you will see saved passwords.

How to show passwords on Safari Browser?

Open your Safari browser.

Click Safari, preferences and then select autofill tab.

Click on the edit button to the right of Usernames and passwords to see stored user names.

In the Keychain, Access windows select Passwords on the left. So you will see stored passwords.

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