all in one wp migration | How to Create backup and restore your site

By | October 27, 2019

Day by day our website size is increasing and we are posting a lot of stuff on our website. For that purpose, we have to create backup our site regularly. In case our site crashes or anything bad happens so then it will be very easy to restore our site with any lose.

There are various ways to create a backup of your site some are through plugins while some are through Cpanel.

I will mention about WordPress plugin that will help you to create your site backup easily and you can easily import your site if anything bad happens to your site.

All in one wp-migration plugin:

Through all in one wp-migration WordPress plugin through this plugin, you can easily import-export and create a backup or your site easily.

Installation procedure:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on plugins
  • and then click on add new plugins
  • Search for all in one wp migration plugin
  • install it
  • Activate it

Once activated you will see All-in-One WP Migration plugin option in your WordPress dashboard.

Simply click on it and you will see three options there:

  • Import
  • Export
  • Backup


This import option you can import your previously created back up and restore your site.


Through Export option you can create your backup means you can easily export your site data into .wpress file.


Through this option, you can easily backup your site and you can also restore your previous backup from here.

How to Restore your site through All in one wp migration plugin:

You can import/restore your site through the following method:

  • Click on all in one migration plugin and then click on the Import option.
  • Select your file
  • Click import
  • Your file will starts importing
all in one wp migration

Once your site complete importing then you will option like shown in the image below.

Which contains warning that your current data like( media, plugins, and themes) and the database will be overwritten with this backup.

Click on continue then it will start restoring your files.

After restoring files it will replace your database with the previous version of your database which you have in your backup.

all in one wp migration

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