eCommerce Website in PHP & MySQLi (Urdu/Hindi)

By | September 5, 2018

eCommerce Website in PHP & MySQLi (Urdu/Hindi)


  • XAMPP (Tool)
  • Dreamweaver CS5
  • Chrome (Browser)


Overview of the course:

If you were looking for a complete solution about creating eCommerce website in PHP & MySQL then this course is for you, this course will simply teach you how to create a shopping website from absolutely scratch in PHP & MySQL. This course is in Urdu/Hindi.

Following are some of the key points in this course:

  • A complete eCommerce website (in PHP & MySQL)
  • The website layout (in HTML+CSS)
  • The database with 7 tables for this project
  • A relation between the tables
  • Creating the search engine for the project
  • Creating the customer General User Interface
  • Creating the functions for the whole project
  • Shopping Cart for holding customer’s orders
  • Offline Payment option
  • Admin Panel to manage the content
  • User Sign Up application
  • User Sign-in application
  • Admin Login application
  • Category & Brand based website
  • Uploading website to the online web server
  • Much More………..

Technologies we’ll use in this course:

  1. PHP (Server Side)
  2. MySQL (Database)
  3. Apache (Server)
  4. XAMPP (Combination of above all)
  5. HTML (To structure web pages)
  6. CSS3 (To create website layout)
  7. JavaScript (For some specific tasks)
  8. Dreamweaver CS5 (For inserting the codes)
  9. FileZilla (For uploading the e-commerce to an online server)
  10. Cpanel (For online server)

Who is the target audience?

  • All beginners & intermediate users

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