Complete Laptop Repair Training Full + All Laptop Manuals (Full Video Tutorial-24 GB+

By | May 23, 2018

Again homeland Download the honor packs a full Laptop Repair service Training is offered to you. This bundle is readily available on the internet among one of the most total plans includes the specialized repair all sorts of laptops. Definitely you see this set of teaching techniques are mainly in the laptop repair works and issues that might develop in the future for your laptop and discover concerning options it will certainly likewise be the follow-up of the video clip. Today, many people who work with computers due to the ease of carrying and use of a notebook computer, laptops than desktops have much less resistance and may be harmed due to trauma. In this series of tutorials and the notes to streamline troubleshooting and substitute of laptop parts to each of the training to find out state-of-the-art.

Do you would like to pay or Laptop Repair service business for fear of destroying your laptop to fix minor issues you sustain plenty of costs. The fantastic train greater than 700 educational publications in PDF style and over 21 GB+ of video clip training documents. Top quality teaching and talking English.

Laptop Repair Training include:
– Motherboard Replacement Procedure
– How to replace the LCD
– Laptop repair if a shutdown continued
– Repair the power supply.
– Training replace hinges
– Training solder AC adapters
– Learn about Liquid Liquid LCD
– Training prevents overheating laptops
– Replacement of RAM, a DVD drive, hard drive and wireless cards
– And Much More…

Training related brands on the market including Acer and Sony, IBM, Compaq, Gateway, and Toshiba

It contains 117  parts   Size, of course, is greater than 24 GB.

After downloading all parts and extract it at once.



If you have difficulty in downloading then you can contact me on contact us page I will provide you add free link. You will pay for that but not for hole course just some dollars to avoid advertisements.


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part 1


part 7  
part 8  
part 10  
part 11  
part 12  
part 13  
part 14  

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