Basics of LINQ with C# for Beginners

By | September 2, 2018

Basics of LINQ with C# for Beginners


  • Visual Studio Installed & Experience with Visual Studio
  • Some Coding Experience with C# is Required – Conditions, Loops, Collections (Lists, Arrays)


In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about LINQ Operations and how to perform them.

We start off with the most basic operations and build towards more complex ones.

Both Query and Method syntax is covered in the course.

And of course, all the source code will be provided for each of the sections in the course, in a nicely ordered and structured fashion, so that you can use the code to practice and learn.

The course is aimed at students that have some coding experience in general and with C# in particular, a little bit of OOP knowledge is required, for some of the lectures.

The topics that we are covering are:

  • LINQ Basics with Query and Method syntax – we will start with the most basic operations with query syntax and build towards more complex ones   
  • Grouping Operations with Query and Method syntax – grouping allows you to group the items in a collection by a given common key, for example to group a list of people by their age.
  • Joining Operations with Query and Method syntax – joining allows you to join two different collections by a common key, so its similar to grouping, but it just does it on two collections and not on one.

There are tons and tons of tutorials on Youtube and other websites, so why would you have to pay for this course?

The answer is very simple, in this course you will get every single lecture systemized in such way, that it ensures a smooth transition between the previous and the following topic. Guaranteeing great learning experience.

There are no stones left unturned, everything is explained in great detail (but not too much, that would be boring 🙂 )

The video lectures in the course are produced with the highest possible audio and video quality. No static noises to disturb you while you watch the videos, no blurry images, everything is crystal clear with crisp audio!

Who is the target audience?

  • People that want to improve their skills with Collections
  • People that want to learn the Ins and Outs of LINQ

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