Advance commands in Termux

By | August 26, 2018

Advance commands in Termux



{Command : Function}

apt search [qurey] : to search any package

locate [query] : find all path names contains a pharse

du : display directory space usage

df : display disk usage.

cal : To display calender

whoami : it shows your login name

uname -a : used to Display kernal information

date : it shows the current date & time

uptime : this command shows system current uptime

cat /proc/meminfo : it shows memory information

cat /proc/cpuinfo : it shows cpu information

cat /proc/version : it shows information about Linux system

free : Display Memory & swap usage

kill [PID] : kill process by pid{process id}

ps : It shows all running process on your Device

nano [file] : Edit any file with nano text editor

zip [your file here to zip] : used to make a zip file

unazip [] : used to unzip any zip file

vi : This is default text Editor

moonbuggy : Terminal game for Termux

rmdir [dir name] : used to remove dictionary


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