Solve IDM extension for chrome problem

By | May 28, 2018

solve IDM extension for chrome problem:

In this tutorial I will tell you complete process that how to solve your IDM extension for chrome problem.So let’s dive deep into it.

Common IDM problems:

Normally when you install internet Download manager it installs extension by itself if it’s not then I am discussing each problem one by one.

  • Download option is not showing.
  • IDM extension is installed but still not showing download option on vadios.
  • serial key error.

Download option is not showing :

If you do not see your download option on your YouTube videos or other videos then check to wither the IDM extension is installed or not.

IDM extension is installed but still not showing download option:

If you have installed IDM extension for chrome and download option is still not showing then check whether you have installed the latest version of your IDM or not.

Fake serial Key Error or Serial Key Error:

If you are facing serial key error then contact your key provider or you are using crack version then go here and read:

How to Solve IDM serial key problem?

How to solve IDM extension problem?

So now I am going to discuss step by step solution that how to solve the problem regarding IDM.

1.Open Google Chrome browser.

2.Click on three dots on the right side of your browser.

3.After clicking you will see the menu bar.

4.Click on more tools.

5.Click extensions.

6.In extension tab if you see previous extension then click on remove to remove that extension.

7.Now Go to Desktop

8.Find your IDM icon and write click on it.

9.Click on properties and then click on open file location.

10.After doing that step find IDMGCEXRT.crx file  and then drag and drap that file to your extension tab which you have recently opened. on add extension so your extension will be installed.

Note: Make sure your developer option is on because if you keep it off then during installation you will face problem in installing IDM extention.

12.If your are still facing problem regarding installation of IDM extension for chrome then you can watch the video below or comment below I am here to help.

Solve IDM  integration problem

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