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By | September 27, 2018
printing Hello world in C++

Simple Program in C++ with Explanation:

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to write a simple hello world program in c++. Write the below code or Copy and paste the below code into your IDE(integrated development Environment). If you don’t know what IDE is?.

So IDE is a platform in which you write your code. If you want detail then on this website go to the programming tab and search for c++ and then you will find a complete topic about IDE. So let’s start with a simple program in C++.

how to write a simple program in C++ to print Hello Word?

#include<iostream>      //iostream liberary

using namespace std

int main()           //main function

cout<<"Hello Word";      //printing Hello Word Statement

return 0;            //return Statement


C++ Simple Program Explanation:

Now I am explaining each and every part of the above program.


means to include your header file in a program.


it is a header file

using namespace std

If we do not write using namespace std then we have to write cout : :  in this form


It is a data type we will discuss later.


It is the main function from which our program really begins.


Between Two curly braces is the main body of a program you have to write all the statements in this body.


It is the output statement in C++. It means that it displays this data on screen during program execution.


It is called an extraction operator. Normally we use this operator with cout in c++.


It is called the insertion operator. Normally we use this operator with cin>>  which is an input function in C++. Mean through cin>> we input our data in our program.


It is called statement terminator;.In c++ program we terminate our statement through  simicolon( ; ).

You must enter the statement terminator at the end of every statement to avoid a compilation error.

I hope you understand, how to write the Hello World program in C++. If you are facing any problems regarding this program, then comment below or ping us on our Facebook page I will be there to help you.

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