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By | August 5, 2019
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Following are the useful Linux commands. If you use these Linux commands that will help you a lot if you plan to learn Linux.

Linux commands


It will show your operating system name.

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uname -r

This Linux command will show you the name and version of the operating system which you are using.

uname -a

This command will show you all the detail about your operating system.


This command will show you all the commands that you have recently typed in your terminal.

ls Command

It means list

ls will show you the list of files in that folder.

cd .. for one folder back


it means that you are in system folder. You are linked. All permissions are allowed for you.
permissions means that you can execute any thing.


it means that you are in the user folder or user disk. And in user folder you cannot run any file.
You have no permisions there and you cannot run any file. If you have to run any file then you first allow

to enter to any folder write cd and then folder name. e.g cd desktop

ls means list of directories.

touch command is used for creating any file. e.g touch courseshub

rm will delete the file. e.g rm courseshub


make directory

this command will help you to create directory

e.g mkdir courseshub

If you write separate folder then you can create it once

mkdir courseshub free courses

so the above command will create three folders

rmdir direcotory name

above command will delete directory


this command is used for copying

For copying files you have to use below command

e.g cp filename /root/desktop/umer

Copy Folder

For copying folder you have to use below command.

cpdir directoryName distination directory

e.g cpdir umer /root/desktop/asad

to copy umer directory to asad directry

chmod +x filename

This command is used to give permision to any file that you want to execute.

Syntax: chomod +x filename

For example: I want the permision to “the choise” to execute then I will write the above command link

chmod +x thechoise

the choise color will go green when it got permission.


this command is used to run/execute any script


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