Learn Mac and Linux Command Line

By | July 31, 2018

Learn Mac and Linux Command Line


Only basics computer skills are required.

A Mac or Linux computer is required.


This course(Learn Mac and Linux Command Line)Whether you are a normal user or a developer, you will need to use the command line to complete your task. Learning command line is crucial in the world because a lot of tasks requires you to use command line tools. If you are a developer then someday you will need to learn to use command line tools to install development tools and dependencies. Also, a lot of tasks cannot be done using GUIs. They can be done fastly using the command line.


Welcome to Learn Mac and Linux Command Line Course!

In this Course, we will cover everything that you need to know as a developer or a power user. Let’s have a look at the curriculum: >


Introduction To Command Line:

  • Introduction To Command Line Tools
  • Customizing Terminal

Learn Commands:

  • Changing and listing files/folders
  • Creating files and directories
  • Deleting files and directories
  • Moving Files
  • Renaming, reading, editing a file
  • Coping a file
  • Fast Navigation and a lot more.

Learning all these things are crucial for a developer or a power user. A developer who doesn’t know these things can never survive in the development world. So take the course and start learning today.


Who is the target audience?

Who wants to use command line tools like a PRO.

Who wants to become a good developer/programmers.

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