How to record your slides with Camtasia studio

By | October 9, 2018

How to record your slides with Camtasia studio

In this tutorial, I will guide you through complete step by step process that how to record your PowerPoint Slides with Camtasia Studio. As you have watched many videos on YouTube that many YouTubers record there slides directly with Camtasia studio during creating a video for YouTube or Udemy or other platforms. Read every step and follow with me so let’s start.



1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint
2. Go to the Add-ins tab in Camtasia studio click on it
3. On the left side of your PowerPoint presentation, you will
see 5 icons

3.Record Camera
4.Camera Preview
5.Camtasia Recording option


Recording option:

Recording option is used to start recording with Camtasia Studio



This option is used to either record audio or not.


Record Camera:

This option is used to record the camera of your laptop whether you
want to record yourself with a camera or not.


Record Camera preview:

Record camera preview is used to preview your laptop camera
during your recording when the camera option is checked.


Camtasia Recording Option:

This button/icon contains various recording options for example
Camtasia hotkey etc.

4. Click on recording option to start your recording.
5. Click on camera option if you want to record your laptop camera
this step is optional. F5 to open your presentation slideshow
7. Click to begin recording.
8.CTRL +Shift + F9 to pause your recording.
9.CTRL + Shift + F10 to pause your recording.
10. press ESC to stop your recording.
11. Give some name to your recording.
12. Save your recording.
13.When it opens in Camtasia just produce your video.


If you still facing any problem comment below I am happy to help you with that problem.



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